Monday, October 31, 2005


Rebekah, Meet Church. Church, Meet Rebekah

We took the girls to Holy Rosary yesterday. We haven't attempted church as a family since Bekah was mobile. It went pretty much how you would expect.

Bekah announced a few times, "My want the band" (I assume she was asking for the choir to sing again). She also clapped and cheered when anything new happened - when we stood up, when the singing stopped and when the priest started to talk. One man looked at me like he had never seen a two year old in church before.

I felt like I did back in college when I set my roommate up with the banking executive I had met through work. I wanted them to like each other, but she was a bit too loud and he was a bit too stern. I didn't want to scold Bekah too much because I want her to like going to church. On the other hand, I didn't want the people at church to think she is a bad kid.

When I took Rebekah out into the foyer, I felt a sense of relief at seeing all the other parents with their toddlers. That didn't last long. Bekah immediately squirmed out of my arms and started running around the place. She was running up to all the other children, trying to get them to run with her. When all they did was clutch their mother's legs, she started running in a large circle by herself and falling down, stuntwoman style, every few minutes.

With the exception of one boy, all of the other children clung to their moms. The other mothers smiled nicely at me, but I could tell underneath they were glad they weren't me. I wanted to say to them, '"your children are being more timid than they are being good". But that didn't feel like a very Christian thing to say, so instead I tried to give them smiles that said, "what a wonderful child you have", but I was diverted mid-smile as Rebekah climbed into the robe closet. I probably only managed to look slightly maniacal.

There was one boy there that echoed Bekah's zest for life. His name was Solomon. He was Indian and his father, mother and grandparents were in the foyer with us. Eventually, Bekah walked up to the father (who looked intimidating to me, but not so much to her I guess) and pointed up to him and said, "wats dat?". He smiled broadly at her and said, "I am Raja" and shook her little hand. She replied, "I am two and a half". The whole family laughed.

Meanwhile, Lexie was inside making all sorts of friends. Dave said at least ten people oohhed and aahhed at her (and her hair) when he took her up for communion. She smiled and giggled the whole time.

Last night, when Bekah and I were in bed, having our nightly talk. I asked her what she thought of church. She put her finger in front of her lips, shushed me and said, in a whisper, "quiet in church". (so she DID hear me the hundred times I asked her to be quiet, she just didn't do so). I asked her if she wanted to go back to church next Sunday and she said, "yes, please". So I guess the date probably worked out OK.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Our Dirty Little Secret

Lexie sleeps through the night.

There, I said it. Dave warned me about talking too much about this. He didn't want us to become those parents (the ones who says, 'our child walked at nine months' or 'our baby was toilet trained at two months'. You know the type.). Many of our friends had their first babies right before we had Lexie and Dave wanted to be careful how we positioned ourselves when the talk turns to sleep - which it always does for new parents.

We put her down at 8:00 pm with very little fanfare and she wakes back up at 7:00 am with nothing but a few adorable baby noises. Yes, Lexie is three months old and she sleeps through the night.

It gets worse though - she really always has. For the first month or so, she was in our room and I would get up and feed her every three hours. More so because I was up and ready. She would wake up, feed and go right back to sleep. I don't think we had more than a handful of nights that we had to walk her (and lord knows we never drove her around like we did Bekah!)

But last night took the cake. At three in the morning, I heard some cooing coming from the hallway (her cradle is now outside our door). When I woke up at three a.m. and heard baby cooing sounds coming from the darkness, I thought I had entered the Twilight Zone. I went to her cradle and the moment she saw me, she broke out into a huge grin and GIGGLED! She giggled. In the middle of the night, she was in her cradle giggling, as if to say, "OOOH! I made a sound and you came! You came and look! You brought the boobs too! Life is good at three a.m."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This One's For Jill

On October 8, we took the girls to Kennewick to meet both sides of the Lee / Storm family. It was a wonderful time. Luckily, Lexie didn't do any tortured prisoner cries on the drive there or on the drive back. That was our biggest concern.

There was a great turn out. A few people couldn't make it. My cousin Michelle 'accidentally' got a new job. My aunt was telling me that the day before Michelle left on vacation, they had a staff meeting that made her mad so she went back to her desk and filled out a on-line job application for the rival hospital. (how many times have I done that! (just kidding)). She thought she hit cancel, but she really hit send. When she got back from vacation, she had half a dozen phone messages asking her to come in for an interview. She started two weeks later.

Marc and Mona were there with their two girls, who Bekah quickly worshipped. They are SUCH good little girls. The only problem was that they didn't bring their bike helmets. Bekah now wears her bike helmet every time she goes outside. While it might lend itself to a few jokes, I feel much more comfortable with high tech plastic around her head. However, as soon as she caught on that she was the only one with a helmet, off came the head protector. Damn.

And William came - with his brand new car. And of course Grandpa and Grandma Storm were there. (great grandparents to the girls). We got some great four generational photos. It was so nice to see them. Grandma is looking as spry as ever - especially in her new Calvin Kleins! Grandpa is looking better too.

Jill came. She brought Lexie what every little girl needs - a giraff print outfit. She also gave Bekah a purse with her photo on it (Bek's photo, not Jill's). After a week of her trying to wear it as a backpack, I realized that I am not being a very good female role model. I still cling to the backpack that went out of style years ago. There is just something about the even distribution of weight on my back that appeals to me. Speaking of trends - I love the new big sunglasses trend. The more UV protection on my face the better. It isn't very often that a style comes in that is practical and comfortable.

Judy and Creta and Bill were all there as well. It was a great time.

I titled this post for Jill because she teased me about my posting time stamps. Its 6 am now. Not too bad!

Friday, October 07, 2005



Bekah has recently started telling us about Thomas. Thomas goes to her school. Here is what we know of Thomas through Rebekah - Thomas has Whinnie the Pooh pull ups and Thomas poops in them. Whenever I ask Rebekah who her friends are at school, she always says Thomas. Sometimes, out of the blue, she will say, "Thomas at school". (this is much like her Abby fascination from her last school).

Yesterday an intriguing development of the Thomas saga occurred. We learned that Thomas is not in Rebekah's class. He is an older boy in the class above her! He is in the older class, but he is not potty trained. So when he has a bowel movement, they bring him to Rebekah's class to change him (hence the intimate knowledge of his underwear and pooping patterns).

Something about this whole story makes me say to myself "my like Thomas".

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Wonderful World of Pretend

Bekah has just discovered the concept of pretend. I'm a big fan. Last week, Dave, Lexie and I curled up on the couch while Bekah put on my shoes and 'went to work' (she needed the pretend keys and a pretend lunch bag). Then she went to the store (and brought back pretend yogurt). She went to the symphony (for this she took Nolan). She went to the zoo (and reported back that there were monkeys but no tigers). She went to church with grandma. She went to visit poppa storm (or poppa dorm, as she says).

I think fondly back to this evening and how peaceful and gentle this game was.

Have I mentioned my father-in-law is in town? Bekah will never be able to sit on her therapist's couch and say the male figures in her life did not play with her. She will never be able to say that her childhood lacked physical contact. She will not be able to say she lived in a household that didn't laugh. That little girl has been screeching "tickle me!" since Tuesday. She has been thrown in the air, been given zerberts and tickled more in the past three days than most kids endure in their entire childhood. I am sure of it.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Burp Rags are for Sissies

Yesterday, as I was leaving for work, Lex spit up on me. On this day, instead of changing my shirt, I changed my attitude.

My new attitude goes a little like this - burp rags are for sissies. The world needs capable women to run our companies and produce economic success. The world needs capable women to raise our children and produce the next generation who will take care of the world when we are too tired to do it anymore. Right now, I am doing both. And if purple playdo under my fingernails and the scent of baby puke on my blouse distracts you, then, step away from the executive table. You aren't ready to play with the big girls.

While my company has been very good to me these past three years, during my baby making episodes, there are no other mothers at my level. There are some working fathers at my level. But being a working dad just isn't quite the same. (and anyone who thinks it is has never had a boob leak in the board room).

I've heard it said that a working mom never does anything right - she isn't as good as she could be as a mom and she isn't as good as she could be as an employee. I am not going to believe this. I truly think my co-workers have benefited from the knowledge I have gained from being a mom (I know have a deeper understanding of tantrums and I know for certain those don't stop when people turn four). I think my experience with being an executive has helped me be a better mom (I can do very quick cost / benefit analysis and my kids are better off because I can separate the big issues from the small and I don't make them deal with the small)

There is more, I am going to write a book called "All I Ever Needed to Know about Management I Learned from my Two Year Old". Yes, there is more. I am certainly full of bravado today. However, my 30 window of 'me time' is quickly closing and I must sign off.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Lex Rolls Over

Bekah and I were sitting at the tray coloring the other day and I put Lex down on her blanket for her mandatory 'tummy time'. She doesn't like tummy time so much so she tried to negogiate with me for a few minutes to let her stop, then she just took matters into her own hands and rolled over. I started clapping (so did Bekah - as she loves any excuse to clap and cheer).

I put her back on her tummy and sure as you please, she rolled over again!

Yesterday, I tried it again. As soon as she went on her stomach, she rolled over and started cooing (that girls is a cooer). I got the camera out and filmed her doing it again. When Dave got home, I told him to watch the footage. When he first watched it, he thought I had pushed her over (why I would film myself pushing over my daughter, I'm not sure).

It seems like it is early for her to start rolling over. I'll have to consult a baby book.

Monday, October 03, 2005


"My Like Worms"

Dave went to a movie last night at bedtime, so Bekah got to fall asleep in my bed (this is called lazy parenting).

I was watching her as she drifted off. She was laying on her back, looking at the ceiling. Her eyes were closing and opening slowly but her lips were moving occasionally, as if she were talking and sometimes her head would nod or shake slightly (as if saying yes or no).

After about 20 minutes, I couldn't resist any longer and I whispered, "Bekah, what are you thinking about?" She slowly turned her head to me and her eyes closed for a long pause. I thought, oh, there so goes. But instead, she slowly opened her eyes and softly said, "My like worms" and then faded into sleep.

To make this as humorous and surprising to the reader as it was to me and Dave, you must know that we don't talk about worms. Dave and I can't recall any conversation about worms. We don't have them in our yard, we don't use them for any purpose. The only exposure I can think of that she has to worms is the picture of one in her "New Home For Snail" book (which has been AWOL for the past few days). To make it more funny, when we read the "New Home For Snail" book and we get to the page with the worm, she says, "My no like worms" and turns the page.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


First Year Triumphant

Last week we attended Darma's first birthday. It was a wonderful celebration. The Morts know how to throw a party! Great food, delightful guests, nice weather. It was all quite wonderful.

As we were leaving, we stopped for a moment to say good-bye to Jeb. Dave and I each had a daughter in our arms. They were doing that sleepy thing that youngsters do - burying their heads in our necks. It was just us and Jeb (he had been on the phone with a client - a radio talk show host whose terrier is ill). As we said our good-byes, Jeb said to us, "someone just asked me what I think next year will bring. I said to them, I'm ready! Show me what you got! Bring it on!".

After the early delivery, low birth weight, incubators, hospital stays, shunts, weeks of uncertainty, I can understand how they must feel that way. One year later they have a stunning, vibrant daughter. Sometimes, after a successful battle with a child issue, I feel like I can conquer the world. Jeb and Kristi must really feel triumphant.

Jeb's outburst made us laugh - not the laugh because something is funny, or the laugh because polite conversation requires it - the laugh that you make because you are truly happy.

It was a good feeling as we walked into the dark night to put our daughters in our car to drive home to our wonderful new house....

.... then Dave turned the ignition and the tortured prisoner's cries started.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Warriors - 33 Wildcats - 27

Last night we walked the girls over to Edmonds-Woodway High School to watch the football game. Bekah wasn't quite sure what to make of it. We were sitting fairly close to the band. Sometimes she liked it and sometimes she said it was too loud. She did love the trip to the concession stand.

Lexie, on the otherhand, slept through the whole thing. This is a big mystery. She can sleep like a baby through the loudest rendition of Tequila I've ever heard, yet she screams like a tortured prisoner in the backseat of my GEO.

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