Monday, October 03, 2005


"My Like Worms"

Dave went to a movie last night at bedtime, so Bekah got to fall asleep in my bed (this is called lazy parenting).

I was watching her as she drifted off. She was laying on her back, looking at the ceiling. Her eyes were closing and opening slowly but her lips were moving occasionally, as if she were talking and sometimes her head would nod or shake slightly (as if saying yes or no).

After about 20 minutes, I couldn't resist any longer and I whispered, "Bekah, what are you thinking about?" She slowly turned her head to me and her eyes closed for a long pause. I thought, oh, there so goes. But instead, she slowly opened her eyes and softly said, "My like worms" and then faded into sleep.

To make this as humorous and surprising to the reader as it was to me and Dave, you must know that we don't talk about worms. Dave and I can't recall any conversation about worms. We don't have them in our yard, we don't use them for any purpose. The only exposure I can think of that she has to worms is the picture of one in her "New Home For Snail" book (which has been AWOL for the past few days). To make it more funny, when we read the "New Home For Snail" book and we get to the page with the worm, she says, "My no like worms" and turns the page.

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