Friday, November 04, 2005


25 Inches Long - 27 and a Half With the Hair

Lexie had her four month check up today. The nurse measured her; making one line where her head ended and one where her hair ended. Lexie's hair is officially two and a half inches long. It still stands straight up. The doctor said it will probably lay down by the time she is one. I did some quick math on that - if she has two and a half inches at four months, she'll have seven and a half inches at twelve months - that is a pretty impressive mohawk!

She also weighs 13 pounds, 12 ounces. She is in the 90th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight. She is just like her Aunt Stacey and her Aunt Kate - tall and skinny.

Everything else checked out great. This one is a keeper.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I Hate Thieves

I suppose that statement is a bit too harsh as I probably don't personally know any thieves. I hate theft.

In August, the US Postal Inspector informed me that a known identity theft ring was captured and in their possession was my mail. They gave me a package of reports to fill out and file.

Last Monday, I signed on to Home Banking and discovered five checks written against our account for almost $1500 that weekend. Somebody stole the last checkbook from our box of checks. It was probably the house cleaning service we had in September; which is so sad because the women seemed nice and we tipped big.

Now I am back to closing accounts, filing police reports, signing affidavits, creating credit report flags and all of that.

I just had a moment of clarity. I hate paperwork! I mean, I really hate paperwork. My mind is racing through a montage of moments throughout my life when I have gone to great lengths to avoid paper work.

It all started in grade school when my teachers would tell me (and my parents) that if I would just slow down on my tests, I could get A's all the time. They attributed it to my need to be the first one done. But I remember sitting at my thinking that I would rather get a C on the test than go back over it and look for errors.

At college, I got a degree in public speaking! I always put 'no gifts' in bold letters on our party invitations; not because I don't love presents, but because I know I lack the discipline to get thank you notes out in time. I even bet my business ambition stems partially from my aversion to paperwork. Afterall, the higher up the corporate ladder you go, the fewer forms you have to fill out to get what you want. Dang! I even gave Dave the password to this blog so he could fix my spelling errors.

Oh dear, a conversation I just had at work is coming to mind.... I actually begged the receptionists not to make me check out the sick room key every time I go to pump. I pointed out to them that I used the key every three hours for a year with Rebekah and never lost it, couldn't that make me exempt for signing my name, date, and time every three hours? I thought the argument was sound. They asked me what the big deal is.

And they are right! What is the big deal? There is no big deal. I am just a loon! Man! I sit down to write this blog feeling like a well balanced, successful woman and I end feeling like a raging lunatic.

OK, I am back to hating thieves.

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