Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

On Thanksgiving weekend, Dave and Bekah cut down a Christmas tree. Dave said Bekah thought the tree falling was the funniest thing. It was the first time he had seen her watch something and laugh that hard. He said she threw back her head and laughed and then leaned forward and grabbed her stomach while she was laughing. She thought the tree falling down and Dave yelling 'timber' was pretty funny.

We brought the tree in and slowly decorated it (the last ornament went up yesterday). There were gifts under it that Bekah talked about several times a day. But then I opened them (on my birthday) and she hasn't really talked about 'pwesents' since then.

There is one thing Bekah knows for certain about Christmas. She is going to go in an airplane with Mommy and Baby Lexie. This is something she likes to tell just about anyone. But it sounds like this "my go erpln with mommy..... and biby leki! Nanna n POPPA!" Translation: I'm going on an airplane with mommy (pause) and baby Lexie! To Nanna and Poppa's house (with the Poppa emphasized).

It also snowed (biiiiiiig no as Bekah says). She and Dave made a snow family which was super cute and I hope he posts the photos of it soon. However, the day after, the baby Lexie melted and Bekah was quite distraught. It especially upset her when she saw Normandy eat the gold fish cracker that Dave had used for the nose. All day she would tell me that the dog ate Lexie's nose.

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