Friday, December 09, 2005


My Cwied and Cwied and Cwied

Rebekah has taken a liking to the phrase "I cried and cried and cried". She, of course, can't pronounce her R's yet, so it ends up coming out far more endearing when she says it.

At least once a day, she tells me a story that has the punch line "my cwied and cwied and cwied". Whether or not she actually did any crying is never germane to the story.

Three weeks ago, our nanny started. On the first night, I came home from work and walked into this scene - Bekah at the table eating gold fish crackers, chatting away, and Lexie sleeping peacefully in the arms of the nanny. The nanny was sitting on the other side of the table, riveted by whatever Bekah was discussing.

As soon as she saw me, Bekah jumped off the chair and ran to me, saying loudly, "MOMMMYY! My cwied and cwied and cwied". I glanced quickly at the nanny and caught a flashing look of confusion and concern. I looked back down at Bek. "You cried? Why?" She stopped in her tracks and gave me her most mournful look (which I have actually caught her practicing in the mirror!) "Mommy go-ed to wook. My cwied and cwied and cwied". "Oh, no!" I replied, "You cried when mommy went to work?"

I glanced back up at the nanny. Now, Kaylin is only 18, but I thought she handled this like a seasoned pro. She gave me a discreet shake of the head that told me that no, my daughter had not spent the last several hours crying, no matter what she would like me to believe. She also didn't upstage the two year old, who was clearly having a ball with this new game of pretend.

"My sad" she said jetting out her lower lip. I took off my coat and looked down at her again. "you were sad?" I said to her with feigned concern and distress. "Yes" she nodded her head sadly and added, "my cwied and cwied and cwied". I got down to her level and gave her a big hug. "I missed you too". She clung to me tightly and buried her head in my neck and then started laughing.

Yep, our little girl has a knack for the dramatic. Can't imagine where she got that.

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