Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Trauma at the Grocery Store

I took the girls to the grocery store several Saturdays ago and the Edmonds Fire Department was having a fund raiser in which they had two people dressed in oversized dog and horse costumes collecting donations at the entrance to the store.

Bekah spotted them before we even turned into the parking lot and she didn't like them one bit. As I was parking, we talked about how they were only people in costumes. And as we were walking up to the store, they even took their costume heads off. One was a woman with blond hair and one was a man with brown hair (Bek and I discussed this as well). As we approached the entrance to the store, they put their big head / masks back on and Bekah instantly started climbing up me in a panic. Which was problematic since I was already holding 14 pounds of Lexie. I managed to set Lexie down and pick Bekah up. She was crying and telling them 'go-ed away. go-ed away'. I had to finally ask someone to go get me a cart so I could finish my way into the store. (I can't carry both girls anymore)

About two weeks later, Bekah wakes up in the middle of the night crying. The next morning, she told me she saw the 'doggie and hosey'. Yesterday, when I picked her up from school, I told her we were going to stop by a new store to run an errand on our way home. I told her it was a small trophy store and she would have to be good. The first thing she asked was, 'dog en hosey dare?' (dog and horsie there?). I assured her that there would be no dog and no horse costumes at the trophy store. She replied "Oooookaaaay..... Good."

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