Friday, May 26, 2006


One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed

Last night, my dear friend Sherry, babysat the girls so that Dave and I could have a grown up dinner alone.

Earlier this week, she mentioned that she was looking forward to reading books before bed and having talk time. I cautioned her that, although it may seem from my blog like a serene time where Bekah makes endearing comments and Lexie coo’s peacefully, it is actually a 60 minute emotional and physical endurance test.

She managed to get them both in their pajamas and in bed with two books chosen (I am impressed). Then Bekah fell off the bed. We have a California King Size that is elevated (so we can shove more crap under it). So falling off of the bed is no small affair.

Bekah cried, Lexie cried and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sherry cried.

Now, Bekah (and Lexie, for that matter) is no stranger to falling off things. She fell off the top step of the step stool when we were making cookies with Aunt Stacey. She fell off the bar stool at the Red Twig when we were having coffee with Kirsten. And, although she is too young to remember, she has fallen off this bed too. However, this fall seemed to make a bigger impression than all previous falls.

She immediately wanted to call us to tell us about it; which they did. She proceeded to tell us about it the minute we returned. She told me about it twice during talk time and convinced me to call Poppa Storm so she could tell him too. She made up a song about it and asked us with a sudden look of great concern on her face whether we should call Dr. Chang and tell her that she had fallen off the bed.

I think falling off the bed is the most fun Bekah has had in a long time. It wouldn’t surprise me if she fell off the bed tonight.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Poetry Thursday

Haiku Mama
By Kari Anne Roy

Hands clenched, smile subtle –
Planning world domination,
Or dreaming of boobs?

So, Tuesday night, I actually slept a full eight hours. I celebrated on Wednesday morning by surfing the web a bit. With the kids, work, writing my book and learning to golf, I don’t do things like surf the internet or watch tv (or clean the house, pay the bills, or apply make-up).

In my 20 minute meander, I discovered that I am not actually following the protocol of Poetry Thursday. (see Poetry Thursday for more details) For those of you who read my blog to stay caught up on the girls, I hope you enjoy my Thursday poetry (and by the by, Lexie was diagnosed with ear infection number three yesterday). For any of my more involved in the blogging culture blogging sisters possibly reading this post, I was once again trying to be cool (this time in the blogosphere) and not quite getting it right. That, however, is my MO and luckily I accepted it in about the fifth grade when I wore a “Polish and Proud” tee-shirt (made at one of the specialty tee shirt shops in the mall that don’t exist anymore) to the school spelling bee (I lost in round one).

Happy Thursday.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Lexie Laughs To You

Yesterday, as we were heading out of Port Ludlow, Bekah says to me, “Mommy, Baby Lexie is laughing to me”. I started to correct her grammar when it dawned on me that that is precisely what Lexie does. She laughs to you.

I find it interesting that the English language has terms for laughing at someone or laughing with someone. You can even laugh about something. But you can’t laugh to anything.

Laughter, the genuine, delightful, heartfelt kind of laughter is one of the best things you can give to a person. I have learned from my children that making someone laugh is a basic human motivator.

Lexie is definitely not frugal with her laughter and she certainly laughs to you. She doesn’t laugh at you (which has a bit of a negative connotation). And she doesn’t laugh with you. It doesn’t matter if you are laughing or not, she’ll give you a laugh. It is funny the lengths people will go to to make a baby laugh. We were at Red Robin last night and a heavily tattooed, black leathered, face pierced with silver jewelry, extremely large, kind of mean looking couple sat down next to us. Lexie gave them grins from the first moment she saw them. They were cooing and clucking and doing all sorts of funny things to get her to laugh. One look at that couple acting like silly clowns is proof positive that the urge to create laughter is a strong one.

At the office, I have made a conscience effort to laugh to people more. If my one of my colleagues says something funny or clever, I take the moment to recognize their humor and I show my appreciation with a true laugh. Since having my kids (particularly Lexie) I try to be generous with my laughter. Now, I know I am not the most self aware person, but I get the sense people at my office like me more since I started taking this approach. (that or they think I have gone nuts and are worried I’ll do something crazy like try to eat their shoe laces so they are nicer around me to avoid losing their footwear).

I do think the world would be a better place if we all took the Lexie approach to life and laughed often.

Friday, May 19, 2006


My Haiku (Attempt)

One peaceful morning
Girls finally sleeping in
Dog at the kennel

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Poetry Thursday

Haiku Mama
By Kari Anne Roy

Sniffing newborn’s head,
A primal urge takes over –
Try not to eat him.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Weaning and Golfing

I hit two life milestones on Saturday – my last child weaned herself and I took my first golf lesson.

Yes, I am sad to report both.

It’s funny. Rebekah and Lexington have been different from day one when it comes to nursing. Rebekah would nurse for hours if I let her. I am sure my mom and Jean remember her screaming in protest when I would take her off the breast (I gave her 15 minutes on each side). Lexie has always been an efficient eater. She drains both sides in 10 minutes total and is done with the task. With Rebekah, I called it quits the day after her first birthday. She didn’t like it one bit. She would make the sign for ‘more’ and point to my chest every morning and every evening. Lexie, on the other hand, stopped her evening feeding at about eight months. I think she decided that playing with her sister and daddy were more fun than hanging around on a boppy. This morning, she completely rejected me when I tried to give her her morning feeding. I am not sure which is worse, watching your baby cry dejectedly because you won’t nurse her or watching your baby cry in rejection because she doesn’t want your boob in her face anymore. Either way, weaning is tough.

Golf is also tough. I have known since 1992, when the VP of my old job asked me to golf with him that I will eventually have to take up golfing. I mean, you can’t really be an executive in the banking industry and not golf. For some strange reason, I have always taken pride in listing snowboarding as my hobby of choice. I know, however, snowboarding is not the place where networks are forged and deals are made (except maybe if you are trying to buy a dime bag). Last month, a colleague at another credit union asked me to golf with her and I finally broke down and signed up for lessons.

I don’t understand how I can lug around 30 pounds of little girl every day, yet start to ache when the golf teacher tells me to stand straight and hold the club in front of me for one minute. If that wasn’t bad enough, the first few times I swung at the ball, I hit nothing. It made instinctively look over my shoulder to see if anyone saw – much like I did that morning when trying to feed Lexie.

I spent my Mothers Day with sore boobs, sore forearms and sore pride.

That is not to say my Mothers Day was bad. We had pancakes and went to the zoo and the sun was shining. Dave gave me a book called Haiku Mama that I absolutely adore. I can’t wait to join lynn, lizerdek, Liz Elayne and Darlin T on Poetry Thursday.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Babies are Peculiar – Mine in Particular

Things I Put In Lexie’s Mouth Yesterday That Upset Her And She Spit Out

1 piece of cantaloupe
1 piece of chicken
1 piece of mandarin orange
1 piece of nicely cooked carrot
3 peas
1 piece of wheat bread

Things Lexie Put In Her Own Mouth that Upset Her When I Had To Take Them Out

1 piece of carpet lint
1 small pebble
1 Band-Aid
1 tuff of dog hair
2 Dora The Explorer stickers
1 stray peice of Easter egg basket pink fake grass


On Being A Mother

After returning from my conference in Las Vegas, I got the silent treatment from Bekah. It wasn't exactly like she was mad at me, more like me being gone and then being home was a bit too much for her to process and she needed to take a moment to get back to normal.

We were all in the car (Dave picked me and Sherry up from the airport) and I was in the front. I kept asking Bekah the usual questions "how was school?" "Did you go to the park?" "Did anyone get a time out?" etc.

Each time she would just stare out the window and give a long blink when I asked her something.

Finally, I found the magic button. I said to her "Nana says you made a new friend at the carpet store and you played all day on Saturday". This perked her up and she immediately engaged.

"yes!" she clapped her hands and enthusiastically told me "her name Kristin and we spit like this". She pierced her lips together and blew out sharply (I think raspberry is the slang for that kind of noise).

One year of fertility treatment: $4,000
13 hours of labor: $1,000
Your toddler bursting to tell you about spitting with a new friend: priceless

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