Saturday, September 30, 2006


Daddy’s Home!

Dave has been working late all of this week. He got a two-week gig with Grey’s Anatomy. After only two years at this movie production stuff, he now has the Discovery Channel and Touchstone Television on his resume. He also has the illustrious distinction of being the production manager of the well-known Movin’ 92.5 “butt commercial”. My sister told me it was recently voted most annoying commercial in Seattle by the P.I. But I have been unable to confirm this.

At any rate, after a hard day at the office, the homecoming he received last night made me chuckle so much that I just have to share.

First, let me set the scene…

The girls and I were in the family room. Bekah was watching a freshly downloaded Dora the Explorer episode on my laptop. Lexie and I were playing the “snake game” on the floor. She had just finished off playing the “deflated ball on my head” game. Let me elaborate.

First, the ball… The Wards gave Bekah a pink Cinderalla ball for her birthday. Like all of the other balls in the house, Normandy eventually “plopped” it (as Rebekah said). The last time Normandy plopped a ball, I was severely scolded for throwing the remnants of the ball in the garbage. When the Cinderalla ball plopped, Bekah and I had this conversation:

Bekah (in stern voice): “mommy, don’t throw that ball in da garbage. I be berry mad at you. You will get a time out.”

Me: “but how am I going to take care of you if I am in time out?”

Bekah (still in stern voice): “It will be a short time out”

So the Cinderalla deflated ball has hung around. And now Lexie likes to wear it as a hat. She molds it on to her head almost daily.

And the snake game… while at Grandpa Stukel’s 100th birthday, the kids received a bag full of goodies. In each bag was a six-inch snake. Lexie likes to poke the snake at us and we respond by saying “eeek! A snake!” and feign fright.

We have a houseful of great toys. We have books that talk, cars that drive and dolls that do Lord-knows-what, yet my youngest daughter plays mostly with a ball carcass and a plastic dollar-store snake.

So Bek is watching Dora and Lex is poking me with the snake when the door opens. Bekah runs to the door, jumps into Dave’s arms and yells in his face “I’m watching Dowa on mommy’s ‘puter! When she put it on the ‘puter I said ‘this is taking por-eber’ and mommy laughed SO MUCH!”

Meanwhile, Lexie is scrambling to stand-up. She grabbed the ball and frantically worked at putting it on her head. Once in place, she rushed over to Dave, snake in hand. She proudly presented herself with her ‘bonnet’ and then poked him with the snake and laughed happily.

Nothing like good, old-fashion family dorkiness to keep a high flutin movie man grounded.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Fun With Highlights

Ahhh… I think back with nostalgia when fun with highlights meant choosing between sun kissed or honey dipped blond. No, I am talking Highlights the magazine.

My grandmother gave the girls a subscription to this doctor’s office staple last year. Rebekah is progressively increasing her interest in the periodical. We now spend a good two hours on it when it arrives.

First, she likes to do the Hidden Picture. We get out ‘mommy’s special pen' (aka my highlighter from grad school) and we go to work. She has no idea how or what we are actually doing, but she loves to color in the “find these” pictures once I tell her I have found one.

Unfortunately, this exercise exacerbates my OCD. Inevitably, there is one thing I can’t find (usually that pesky ‘crescent moon’). Instead of lying to Rebekah and telling her I found it (which I am sure would work – on account I have tried it once), I look and look and look. Then it starts to bug me and I can’t shake it. It’s the worst.

Next we read the cartoons. She asks “why”? at least three times for every frame – fun stuff.

Lastly, she insists that I read all of the pages, even those that are too old for her.

Last issue, the “Thinking” page had these questions, “Why does a game like baseball have rules? What would happen if it didn’t have rules?” I started to turn the page when she stopped me and exclaimed, “I know mommy! I know!” with a self-assuredness that could only come from her father.

She paused for dramatic effect and then stated “One rule is Baby Letsi can’t climb on the stairs by herself”.

Then we read “Dear Highlights”. Danny S. wrote in to say that he was afraid of roller coasters and did Highlights have any suggestions for fixing his fear.

Bekah asked me “why he write and say that?” Hmmm that is a good question. And a better question – why am I so drawn to advice columns…. Hmmmmmm.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

I took the day off of work so that I could finally finish my book proposal. I am about to walk out the door to send it certified mail to Seal Press.

I will be chronicling my attempts at being an author in a different blog. You can see the link on the left – creatively titled “My Book”. It’s not completely formatted and I’m having a bit of technical trouble with it right now, but should get that worked out shortly

Friday, September 22, 2006


Redirect to Another Blog Post

If you look to the left of this page, you will see that there are links to a few other websites. If you click on Verity's blog, you will see a post I made regarding a podcast that I just participated in (it is called "That Woman Sounds A Lot Like You"). I am taking a class to learn how to have sound on this blog. Then you can hear the girls as well as read about them. Stay tuned....

P.S. In case you don't already know it, if something is underlined in a blog, that means you can click on it and go to another website. When you are done looking at the referenced website, just use your back button to return to the original blog.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I am Officially Old

When I was 15, 16, 17, I remember the pained looks my dad would throw my way when I would crank the radio when RATT or Quiet Riot or Night Ranger would come on. I think I even remember making a promise to myself that I would never let myself get so old that I wouldn’t love popular music.

When I was 24, 25, 26, I remember my sister and I reading that your music tastes stop progressing when you are about 25. That is why companies like Mercedes use Janice Joplin in their TV ads – the people that can now afford Mercedes are of the age when their last favorite song was of that era. I do remember the pact my sister and I made that we would never let music tastes stagnate.

So here I am at 36. I just placed a series of radio ads on KUBE. The demographic for that radio station is skewed young – 18 to 24, and predominantly male. In other words, it is the station that plays rap music.

Up until last week, I was pretty confident in my hippness. I mean, I listen to T-Man occasionally (Tari Free is from my hometown). I have been to a Sir Mix Alot concert. I downloaded Rihanna on i-Tunes. I can hang.

So, once the ads started running, I tuned in to KUBE. As I listened to the station on the way home and in my house, I would catch myself making that same pained face my father used to make. (and turning the channel lest my three year old catch some of the lyrics in the songs! I am sure she has no idea what promiscuous means, but I don’t think I want Nelly Furtado teaching her).

No matter how much I wanted, at 25, to keep my music tastes evolving, I am accepting the fact that they are not. I listen to KUBE just long enough to hear our ad and then I quickly change the station. All is not lost though. I do turn the dial to KEXP, which is still kind of hip…. I think.

Do I really want this little angel listening to Ludacris?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I Slept In the Forest

When I picked Rebekah up from school on Friday, she proudly declared, “I slept in the forest today!” She later announced the same to Sherry, Twila and Wendy Steckly.

In case you speak to my oldest daughter and draw the conclusion that I am sending my children into the wild at such a tender age, let me explain.

“The forest” is what Rebekah calls the room at school where the four year olds have class. The teachers call it “the fours” and it does have a big plastic tree and tree house in it, so I can see where Bek gets mixed up.

Lately, Rebekah has been spending some time in the fours. The way that the school works it is that they will start introducing a child into the next class for several months before they actually move into that permanently. It’s big news for the kids too. I still remember when Jenna transitioned into the fours (every night for several weeks we heard about Jenna going to the fours). Then there went Tyler and Jack…

So right now it is Bekah’s turn in the spotlight. It makes me wish that public schools did something like that. I could just imagine, when I was in 6th grade, if I got to spend half of a day with the seventh graders. I could just see me coming back and confiding in all my friends about what it was like and being the center of attention for one brief shining moment. But alas, I was herded into the next grade with all the other nervous, awkward kids, with nobody waiting there to show us the ropes except for a handful of well meaning, underpaid teachers.

I am sure the main reason they do it is because of capacity issues. I hate to admit it, but the other night when I had insomnia, I brushed off some of the lessons from supply chain management and applied the concepts to daycare management.

If a day care’s “inventory” is children and their capacity is teachers / classroom space, then it make sense to be able to move kids around as capacity demands. The trouble with daycare “inventory” though, is, unlike produce or shoes or cars, they are very particular where they go. I have no doubt Bekah would be mortified if they came in and told her she was going into the twos. So, at any given time, they need to have a few children in each class that are at the ready to be moved if space dictates.

But, enough of that boring talk. The big news, I mean, the really big news, is that Bekah took her afternoon nap in the fours. That is a big step. It means she spent all day there and actually got a new matt in that classroom (with princesses on it, I am told).

She was thrilled to sleep in the fours. She sees this as a medal of honor. We are quite proud of her.

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