Sunday, October 22, 2006


It Can Happen to the Best of Us

Update on bumper sticker on baby skin saga – the majority of the sticker is gone, but there is still some unsightly residue. Ron and Jean are in town and we are going to try to track down some goo-be-gone today.

Yesterday, the girls went out with grandma and grandpa. They had a wonderful time. Bekah was full of stories of getting her hair cut and buying new shoes and visiting the toy store in the mall.

Later that evening, as Bekah was going to the bathroom, Jean went to check on her and I heard a loud exclamation. I ran in to see what was going on.

Bekah was standing there, trousers on the floor, showing off two large stickers, stuck firmly on the skin between her knees and thighs on both legs.

“Where did you get those!?! And how did you get them stuck there?” Jean asked her.

Bekah’s response was simply a shrug and an unconcerned, “I don’t know”.

Friday, October 13, 2006


She’s Got Spirit, Yes She Does

Last night, when we went to grocery store, the radio station, Spirit 105.3 had a tent in front of the entrance. They had a prize wheel and were broadcasting live from the parking lot.

Bekah spun the wheel and they gave her a handful of schwag.

This morning, when I woke her up, she opened her eyes, looked at me and said, ‘but how’s it gonna come off?”

I brushed the sleepy hair out of her eyes and whispered, ‘how is what going to come off, honey?”

“how is dis gonna come off?”

She pointed to her arm so I pulled up her little pajama sleeve.

There, from her bicep to her wrist was a Spirit 105.3 bumper sticker. Some where along the line, she had taken the bumper sticker that the nice folks at the tent had given her and stuck it several times round on her skinny little arm. She looked like she had a bumper sticker cast.

I started to pull it off, but she screamed in protest. The small bit that I did pull off took off her tiny little blond arm hairs. So I stopped.

I’m off to search the world wide web for advice on getting bumper stickers off baby skin. I imagine a long soapy bath in on our dance card tonight.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Good Morning Mom

Mom - don't forget to send me Mimi's address so I can send her a "Happy Birthday" and "Congratulations on your pregnancy" card (the old-fashioned way - through the mail!)

Have a good day. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Warning: Philanthropy Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

I once had a boyfriend in college tell me that he liked how I can laugh at myself (this was after I had just unknowingly sat in a pile of my roommates phone messages and had walked down the dorm hallway with sticky notes that said, “call Tyrone” stuck all over my butt).

I have to admit, I am pretty good at laughing at myself. I have gotten good on the execution of ‘my most embarrassing moment’ stories. The story about how I once had an important meeting to recruit a hot shot Investment Advisor away from First Tech and I walked into the restaurant with the bottom of my skirt tucked into the top of my pantyhose - that usually gets them laughing. Or the time my horrible athletic ability got me cut from the Verity soccer team – when my budget was the money funding the team. That story is almost a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

But yesterday may take the cake.

You see, last Friday, I noticed a red blistering spot on the side of my ear. With my genetic pre-disposition to skin cancer, I immediately called the dermatologists. She asked me a few questions about it and told me to come right in.

From Friday to Wednesday, I was truly worrying about it. I know, I know, skin cancer is just about a non-event these days, but I’m not too hip on the thought of having my skin worked over (by the illness or the remedy).

So yesterday, I take off work, I drive downtown and I visit Dr. Thompson. She takes one look at it, pokes it with her little pokey thing and says, ‘it looks like a helmet injury.”

To which I reply, “but I don’t wear a helmet…….”

And then it hit me. No, I do not wear a helmet unless – I am cleaning the highway.

Which is exactly what I spent Friday morning doing. My credit union has ‘adopted’ a stretch of highway through the Adopt a Highway program. We clean our stretch of road every few months. I had volunteered to do it this time.

The ironic thing (and I realize this is not the proper use of the word), the ironic thing is that I actually spent a good deal of my cleaning time complaining about my hard hat (complaining to myself as you can’t talk to anyone when you are on the side of I-5 on account of it is too darn loud). The silly hard hat kept falling off or falling over my eyes. It got me wondering why they even give those things to us. They certainly wouldn’t do one bit of good if you got hit by a car, or hit by a rock, or hit by anything for that matter. All I could see that it was doing was making my head sweat. As the cars zoomed past me at dizzying speeds and the hard hat continued to fall over my line of vision, I vowed to wear my snowboarding helmet the next time I cleaned the highway. That thing fits, is ventilated and would actually protect me should anything happen. I realize wearing a snowboarding helmet instead of bright yellow hard hat would be dorky. However, I am a dork.

Yes, my trip to the dermatologist and the discovery that I had, not cancer, but a hard hat injury, proves that I may be the most uncool person in the universe.

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