Thursday, December 28, 2006


The Phantom Farter

This holiday trip has reconfirmed one thing that I knew pretty well. My oldest daughter is not shy.

Within the first few hours of arriving at Rapid (after the 26 hour journey, which I will try to relate later), we went to a holiday party, filled with people we did not know. The minute Bek’s feet hit the ground, she was screeching around the house with the other little kids – 32 pounds of red-headed, Christmas frocked terror.

The next night, Jean had some friends over for dinner. After I had gone to bed, Bek rein-acted her day school holiday recital (or “formance” as she calls it) at the head of the table. Loving the attention, she didn’t want Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer to end, so she added a few verses of her own. I watched the video later. It was like Christmas Eve at the Improv.

Last night she decided she wanted to show her aunt and uncle some of her “ballet exercises”. (good lord). As she was showing them her moves, she tooted. How did she handle such a transgression? She looked straight at her uncle and declared, “Uncle Wob, you farted”. Rob shrugged and mumbled something sympathetically supportive.

A few minutes and dance moves later, out comes another toot. This time she looks at Katie and doles out another accusation, “Aunt Katie, YOU farted.” Katie looked her back in the eye and said, “no Bekah, you farted”

In that one brief moment; in that one quick exchange, my sister-in-law taught my daughter a valuable life lesson.

If you ever fart in public, don’t try to blame it on another woman.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It’s Good to Have Friends in the Right Places

Our renters were not at all happy this weekend. I don’t blame them. They were without power until Sunday and then we told them that the soonest we could get someone out to move the tree blocking their front door was after the New Year.

Their response made Dave fret all day on Sunday. (he hates letting people down). So he started calling around with more creativity. I think he even called one of those “will work for food places”. Then he started calling our friends.

Luckily, we happen to be friends with a guy who owns a construction company. Since he owns a construction company, he has big trucks and big cutting equipment. He said he could send someone over on Tuesday.

So, we were able to get all of the trees removed yesterday. Our friend took a look at the roof and said it is definitely damaged (but luckily nothing broke through). USAA still hasn’t called back.

All in all we feel extremely fortunate. I work with three people who still do not have power. I try to imagine what it would be like to have the kids and no power. It would be awful. I hope everyone gets power soon.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Eight Signs You Might Be A Bad Mommy

1. Your three year old has memorized the shift schedule of the guy who wears the Red Robin costume at the Alderwood Red Robin burger joint.

2. You knowingly permitted your two kids to unravel a full roll of toilet paper AND pull out an entire box of wet wipes because it bought you enough time for six more sips of your morning coffee.

3. Your three year old knows the words to a Kanye West song and both of your daughters will ‘shake their money makers’ when you ask them to.

4. You just found a jar of salad dressing in your refrigerator that pre-dates the birth of your oldest child.

5. You drop your baby’s pacifier in the parking lot and briefly lament the fact that the dog isn’t there to lick it clean before you put it back in her mouth.

6. Your two year old actually says this sentence, “I’ve had enough cookie dough, mommy”

7. You hear your baby fuss and realize you have forgotten which room you left her in.

8. Your reaction to your two year old’s tactic of swallowing her asparagus whole so she doesn’t have to chew it is one of pride and you wonder if you could ever get her to do it as a party trick.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


And Then A Tree Fell On Our House

November was the rainiest month in the entire history of Seattle. Thursday night was the biggest windstorm in history. Seattle must have done something to make the weather gods mad.

We were, of course, among the one million people without power or phones. Our house power went out at about 9 pm on Thursday and stayed down until the next afternoon. My office power and phones went out sometime in the middle of the night, came back on mid-afternoon on Friday and then went down again.

And, a tree fell on our house; not the house we live in, but the house in Kirkland that we rent out. One tree fell on the house and then onto the renters’ car and another tree fell on the backyard fence.

I called USAA and they said they were deluged with claims from the Pacific Northwest and would send someone out late next week. We tried to call several tree removal companies, but they all just had their answering machines on.

These certainly are adventurous times.

And the back yard....

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Bekah Does Like the Finer Things in Life

Today Dave took the girls on some errands. When they returned, Bekah ran into the house and announced, “Today is my lucky day! I had lots and lots of cheese sticks! We went to a new restaurant – a really good restaurant - called Arby’s. I love Arby’s”

There you go.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Garsh My Friends Is Pretty

This is my friend, Sandra. We met in 8th grade Advanced Placement Science class (yes, I was in AP Science, believe it or not). She moved to South Korea in 9th grade and then to the east coast a few years later. But we kept in touch.

My long time friends and family probably remember her from our wedding. She was in my wedding and I was in hers.

We see each other once or twice a decade and we talk occasionally. She has two daughters the same age as mine. She sends me her Flickr photos and I grabbed this one because I think she looks so beautiful.

Anyway, my family often asks about her so I put her photo up. Also, I’m kind of proud to have a friend as pretty and smart as she is (she, by the by, has a PhD. from Rutgers).

There you go.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Miracle Story of the Day

The photos above are of a friend of mine’s truck. She and her husband were on their way to pick up their son from soccer practice when their truck hydroplaned in the rain. They were only going 45 miles an hour and her husband was correcting the car, but the back wheel caught the guard rail and flipped them over. They landed upside down in the HOV and left lane (fastest lanes of traffic on the busy interstate).

Miraculously, nobody hit them. Seven cars stopped to help them (including one of their friends who recognized them and was able to take them on to pick up their son). As you can see, their back wheel axis was ripped off but luckily it didn’t hit anyone in any lanes of traffic. Most importantly, nobody was hurt.

She says she has the biggest, strongest, toughest guardian angel that she knows. The tow truck driver and all the EMTs in the aid cars agree with her.

Today I am thankful that my friend is OK.

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