Monday, February 19, 2007


Finally, Bekah Gets an Imaginary Friend

Ever since I heard an NPR segment on imaginary friends, I have been secretly hoping that one of my daughters would get one.

Finally Bekah has.

He is a ghost (a friendly ghost). His name is….. Dave (???)

He lives far away in a house (you get there by going through the fan in the bathroom). He comes and checks on her and Lexie every night and every nap time. (because he is a ghost who can drive)

Also, he has been sick. For the past two days, Bek has told me that Friendly Ghost Dave has not been able to come over because he threw up all over his house. He is sick because he has a dog hair in his throat.

Today, on the way to the Children’s’ Museum. Bekah says, “Mommy, Friendly Ghost Dave can come over again. He’s not sick anymore”.

She also says that he sometimes kisses her on the forehead and shows us the white spot on her face.

Imaginary friends are fun.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Pillow Talk

I love that moment in time when a small child settles into sleep.

They seem so peaceful and every once in awhile, they will say something that let’s you peak into their subconscious mind.

I hit the gold mine last night as Bek was drifting off.

You see, we have a new development in our household. Every morning, while I am getting ready for work, inevitably, the bathroom door slowly opens and there is Rebekah, rubbing her little eyes and asking for lipstick.

This is a disturbing development because it means I am undoubtedly going to be late for work. If I am anywhere near a vanity mirror, both girls want to be underfoot, putting on eyeshadow, lipstick and anything else they can get their hands on. Lexie also likes to try to stand in the shower (which gets her socks wet) and Bekah insists on weighing herself. They also like to throw things in the bathtub and use the washable crayons on the wall (you get the picture of what mornings are like if I don’t scoot out the door before they wake). They used to always sleep in until 7 and we can’t figure out why they have been waking at 6 these days.

So last night, she is sinking into sleep and Bekah says, “mommy, make sure you keep your door open when you go to sleep tonight.” This made me quite curious. I asked her why.

“So I can hear the sssshhhhoooooo in the morning”. She makes a hand signal that imitates a blow dryer.

“Oh dear!” it hits me. “Does my blow dryer wake you up in the morning?” I ask her.

“Yes. It is the easiest way for me to know that it is morning time. When I hear that, I know it time to get up and visit you in your bathroom”

Note to self – close all three doors between me and girls when blowdrying hair.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Funny, I Don’t Remember Going to Jail

Yesterday, I got a $20 check from the Seattle Municipal Court, paid from the Bail Bonds Trust Account.

Funny, I don’t remember going to jail, nor posting bail.

So I called them today. They told me that a few years ago, I overpaid a parking ticket (this makes the story even more perplexing as it is generally my M.O. to neglect parking tickets until I get a call from someone with a name like Wayne or Bruce or JayJay).

Apparently, when they received the paperwork that I had sold the GEO, it generated a process that notifies the seller if they have a credit or debit with the municipal court. It’s a good thing I sold that car when I did, with the time value of money and all.

Which brings me to my second piece of news….

I sold my 1995 Geo Prism to our neighbor, Art.

How this all came about was slightly (but humorously) unsettling. I bought my new car on a Wednesday night. I drove it home at 7:30 pm. I pulled straight into the garage. The next morning, at 6:30 am, I pulled out of our garage and zipped on to work. At 8:00 that morning, Dave heard a knock on the door and there was weathered, old Art, standing on the doorstep.

“You going to sell that Chevy?” he asks Dave.

Dave said he had to talk with me.

I put off making the decision for a couple of months. I mean, my relationship with that old car was a peculiar one. I felt like the guilty husband in a withering marriage. On the one hand, I had a deep sense of gratitude for her dependability and trustworthiness over the years. She had stood by me through all sorts of hardships - without complaining. But alas, the spark was gone. I couldn’t muster any passion when I looked at her. It was a sad and complex relationship - one that I simply wanted to put behind me.

That, and Art already has three cars and a boat. I was nervous about living next to the growing collection.

In the end, cash flow won out and I sold out.

I now feel like the pregnant teenager in a 1980’s after school special. After agonizing deliberations (played out in a neat 23 minutes), I let the upper middle-class, WASPy couple adopt my baby. I catch glimpses of her every now and again. She is perpetually sparkling clean and better maintained then she ever was with me.

She looks truly happy.

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