Monday, February 19, 2007


Finally, Bekah Gets an Imaginary Friend

Ever since I heard an NPR segment on imaginary friends, I have been secretly hoping that one of my daughters would get one.

Finally Bekah has.

He is a ghost (a friendly ghost). His name is….. Dave (???)

He lives far away in a house (you get there by going through the fan in the bathroom). He comes and checks on her and Lexie every night and every nap time. (because he is a ghost who can drive)

Also, he has been sick. For the past two days, Bek has told me that Friendly Ghost Dave has not been able to come over because he threw up all over his house. He is sick because he has a dog hair in his throat.

Today, on the way to the Children’s’ Museum. Bekah says, “Mommy, Friendly Ghost Dave can come over again. He’s not sick anymore”.

She also says that he sometimes kisses her on the forehead and shows us the white spot on her face.

Imaginary friends are fun.

I love imaginary friend! Robbie's are "manners" and they follow us everywhere. He never leaves home without them!

I think imaginary friends are a little window into the child's thoughts. What could be better then that?
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