Sunday, March 18, 2007


Piggy Ride

The other night, while I was talking to my parents and Bekah was lying on the floor, watching me, Lexie walked up and body slammed her.

I waited for the inevitable scream to ensue, but instead, Bekah started laughing and then they wrestling around on the floor.

Soon, Bekah stood up and said, “Lexie, want a piggy ride?” Lexie squealed and put her little arms around Bekah waist (which is quite a feat, considering Bekah has no waist)

Bekah put her head down and started walking, dragging Lexie behind her. Lexie let her legs go limp and Bekah pulled her all the way down the hall; dragging the tops of her tiny feet on the carpet.

They do this game now quite a bit. It reminds me of a news show I saw on Finnish Wife Carrying Contests – not the technique, but the oddness of it.


Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Gone are the days of meeting Nancy at the pub at noon for green beers that flowed well into the night. Nostalgic sigh.

Friday was green day at school. Rebekah informed me that Miranda was the only person without green but Teacher Danielle made her something green to wear so nobody pinched her.

Below is a photo of the girls before school. Note Lexie talking on her cell phone (or her ‘ello? As she calls it). It’s her favorite new toy. She likes to cradle it between her shoulder and her ear as she does her puzzles. Oh dear.

On Saturday, “leprechauns” made us breakfast – green oatmeal. The girls loved it. Bekah hypothesized all morning about the logistics of the leprechauns making us breakfast. It went a little like this…

“mommy, I think they made it in the microwave because I heard the door and the beep when I was ‘noring”

“Mommy, can I call the lep’cans and tell them to make us breakfast tomorrow too?”

“they pobrably had to stand on each others shoulders to open the door ‘cuz they are small”

I tried to be helpful and suggested “maybe Friendly Ghost Dave helped them get in?”

“NO MOMMY! Lep’chans are NOT friends with ghosts”.

Dave chimed in with “yeah, mommy. Whaddya nuts?”

At any rate, the girls ended their breakfast with very green teeth and very green bibs and very happy that they were visited by leprechauns.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Rebekah’s Second Obsession

Rebekah’s second obsession is with Easter.

Somehow, she got it in her head that the Easter bunny only comes to Trevor and Taryn’s house. I don’t know why she forgot about finding eggs at home, or finding eggs at Aunt Kate’s, but she has. The only thing I can think of is that two years ago (long before her cognitive member can reach), the Solies had an Easter Bunny come out and play with the kids.

The way Rebekah reacted, you would have thought it was the rabbit from Donnie Darko.

Nonetheless, her latest thing is that she wants to spend the night at the Solies’ on Easter so she can wake up to hidden Easter eggs. I keep trying to convince her that the Easter Bunny will come to our house too, but she dismisses me with that “moms are so dumb” look that I imagine I am going to have to get used to.

Last night, I told her we were going to Trevor and Taryn’s house today. “is it Easter?!?” she squealed.

No, it’s not Easter and it’s not your birthday. I’m sorry.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Rebekah’s Obsessions (Part One)

Rebekah currently has two obsessions, things she talks about at least once each day – her birthday and Easter.

Even my in-laws were amazed at how much she talks about her birthday. She discusses what she wants on her birthday (cookies for breakfast, breakfast in bed, ice cream for lunch). She mulls over where she wants to have her birthday (at home, at Chuck E. Cheese). She describes the presents she wants. She talks about who will come to her party. Before our children were born, I made all of my friends make a pact that we would not be those parents who go crazy over birthday parties. Now I understand what a slippery slope it is.

The other day, Dave had Bekah at the grocery store and they ran into one of her school mates. After a few minutes of chit chat, they parted ways. Bekah said to Dave, “she said I can’t come to her birthday party”

Dave almost blew a parental protection fuse! He was so mad. He came home later that night and told me about it. He was steaming. How dare anyone tell his little angel that she can’t come to a birthday party?

“I think a lot of the kids do that,” I said to him.

“But it’s mean!” He countered.

“Bekah un-invites me to her birthday party all the time” I told him. “she says I have to stay in the garage.”

That made him laugh! He laughed like “ha ha!”

Anyway, I can absolutely see why kids at school use their birthday parties against one another. After all, it is the only power leverage they have. If you think about it – they are stuck in a one-room classroom for 9 to 10 hours a day with the same 20 kids. When disagreements arise, they can’t get away from their adversary. They can’t bring their own toys to school, so they don’t have that bargaining tool. They can’t give each other time outs. When they tattle to the teacher, she doesn’t listen. So in conflict, they resort to the one thing they all have – birthdays.

That, and girls are mean.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


We Are Back

Dave and I spent the past week in Washington, DC. I had a conference there and Dave took the opportunity to visit Rob, Katie and Nolan. Luckily, I got to spend a little time with them too.

For photos, visit my flickr site.

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