Monday, May 28, 2007


Rebekah Was Very Upset

That we didn’t have cookies for dessert.

“But mommy!” she said in utter frustration.

“You said it was Oreo day!”

Happy Memorial Day every one.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Drummond Family Knock Knock Jokes*

Knock knock

Whose there?


Lex who?

Lex go to the beach!

Knock knock

Whose there?


Grandma who?

Grandma sun screen

Knock knock

Whose there?


Shari who?

Shar is sunny outside

Knock knock

Whose there?


Bek who?

Bek before dinner!

*Courtesy of Daddy

Friday, May 11, 2007


We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters

Every once in awhile, something will pop out of my mouth and I will think, “dang, I sound just like my mother.” As I grow older, it is happening more and more often.

And then, every once in awhile, something will pop out of Bekah’s mouth and I will think, “dang, she sounds just like me”.

Oh sure, there’s the inevitable mimicking. She’s gotten in a few zingers recently. A few weeks ago, we were walking down the street and she said, “it’s freakin’ cold out here!”. Dave looked at me disapprovingly and I shrugged apologetically.

Last weekend, we had a series of mishaps on our way to my board retreat. By the time we got to the room and the key would not work, Bekah let loose with a “you have GOT to be kidding me”.

But sometimes, she will say something that really hits home how hard wired we are in our response to life.

Earlier this week, I had to take the girls to the grocery store after work for eggs, milk, cheese, coffee and diapers. I was able to get everything in the cart before the inevitable melt down.

Unfortunately, as I was waiting in line, I realized I had actually forgotten diapers. “OH CRAP!” I cried. I felt totally defeated and exhausted. “I forgot diapers”, I said to them; looking dejectedly at the line of people behind us. “Come on. We have to go get one more thing” Bekah started whining and Lexie gave me her police officer hand, furrowed brow, resounding “No”.

As I was lamely trying to negotiate with them and put all my stuff back in the cart, the very nice, elderly gentleman in front of me suggested “why don’t you just have a runner go get them?”

I could surmise, based on his generational placement, that he had never been down the baby isle of the grocery store.

“No, that’s OK” I said as the girls’ resistance grew more decisive. “I’ll just come back later tonight” I said.

“How are you going to come back later tonight?” Bekah asked. “Daddy will be at work. Will you bring us?”

That made the nice gentleman in front of us even more determined to get a runner.

“Son” he motioned to the 16-year-old bagger boy. “We need a runner to go get this lady some diapers”.

Bekah took one look at the poor kid and said loudly, “how will he know what to get us?”

I chuckled because this was EXACTLY what I was thinking.

It didn’t stop there though. She looked him up and down and said, “he’ll probably bring us back Huggies”.

I was fully laughing by this point.

“And it will take soooooo long” she pouted.

I put my head by her ear and whispered “that was exactly what I was thinking!”

Between the two of us, we were able to talk everyone out of the runner idea. I am still amazed at my three year old’s ability to size up the situation in exactly the same manner as I did.

It makes me wonder how often my mom looks at me or my sister and sees herself. Does Jean look at Kate and sometimes feel like she is looking into an emotional mirror?

It is an interesting thought for this Mothers’ Day.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The Upside to the Little Sister Syndrome

While Lexie has been my angelic, peaceful, smiling daughter, she does have two personality traits that make raising her a challenge – her fierce independence and her relentless imitation of Bekah.

Lexie was crawling on stairs from the moment she could crawl (and for the record – she crawled early). I’ve never seen her go up or down a set of stairs on her tummy or her bum (as most little kids do). She insists on going up and down exactly like Bekah – with both feet flat on each stair.

She sat in her high chair for about five days before insisting on a “big girl” chair. We were able to strap a booster seat to a stool for a few weeks but then she figured that one out. Its funny when we have other adults over and they watch her, perched precariously atop a bar stool as she eats. She has only fallen off three times, but it doesn’t seem to deter her.

She has “used” a spoon for as long as I can remember and has “declined” a bib for just as long. That has made for lots of laundry and hair washing in our house. Baby food? Fugetaboutit. Lexie only eats what Bekah eats. Poor Bekah was raised on soft foods until Lexie grew some teeth.

Getting dressed in the morning is a major ordeal. She wants to look just like Bekah (actually, she would prefer if she could simply wear Bekah’s clothes – which we sometimes let her at night). She also wants to dress herself – like Bekah. Every morning, the fact that she does not yet have the dexterity to put on her own shirt makes her piiiiiisssssssed off.

Yes, for a bit there, I thought Lexie was the yin to Rebekah’s yang, but I have come to the realization that Lexie sees herself as the yang-iest of the yang.

On to the point of my post… the other night, as Bekah was getting ready for bed and going potty, Lexie comes running in, pulling at her diaper. “off” she said to me, “off”.

So I took off her diaper and she ran in to the bathroom, sat down on the little toilet beside Bekah and went potty! She has done this twice, so I am thinking she might be ready to be potty trained.

Having her potty trained before two would be awesome. At least, I think it would be awesome….. of course, she won’t go in that little toilet for long. She’ll want to sit on the big toilet, which she is way too small for. I’m sure she’ll fall in a time or two…. Hrrrmmm…

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