Friday, June 15, 2007


Can You Believe She Is Four?

It seems like just yesterday......

Raising kids is like reading a really good book on an airplane. It makes the time fly by inexplicably fast.

Here is a recent photo of us when she and I were on the set of BrainCandy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Princess and the Pea

When Dave and I were younger, we used to spend a fair amount of time at the Four B’s (Ballard’s Billiards, Brew and Burgers).

Four B’s has taken on a whole new meaning for us these days – Bottle, Binky, Books and Baby.

Those are the four things Lex must have before she can go to sleep. The funny part about this is that she puts the Binky in her mouth and then puts the Bottle, Baby and Book under her tummy – and that is how she falls asleep (usually with her rump up in the air).

The girls have been sleeping on our floor for the past few nights because Stephen is painting our nursery after work and well into the night (have I mentioned we LOVE Stephen?)

Last night at 2:30, I rolled over and – Boy Howdy! – I rolled on to a Book and a Baby – several Books and Babies, actually.

There was little Lex, at two in the morning, methodically placing a row of Book-Baby-Book-Baby-Book-Baby along the side of my bed.

“Lexie” I said to her, “what are you doing? And how on earth do you sleep on top of these things?”

“Hi Mommy” she smiled at me.

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