Thursday, July 12, 2007



Bekah has decided that she has an aversion to the sound of the toilet flushing…

Lexie has stated (with her hands over her ears) that the fans in our non-air-conditioned house are “too loud”….

Neither are good developments for this heat wave we are having.

I’m in week 37 of the pregnancy. Doesn’t that mean I am more than 9 months pregnant? I’m no math wizard, but 4 x 9 = 36. (four weeks times 9 months). As far as I can reckon, I’m 10 months pregnant right now.

Temperatures topped out at 93 yesterday (I know, I know our family from Eastern Washington and from South Dakota laugh at this). But I swear – it’s HOT!!

Did you know only 7.4% of the homes in Seattle have air conditioning?

Luckily, all the restaurants and malls have cooling systems. That is where we spent yesterday evening.

At the mall, Dave had to buy some stuff so I had the kids myself for a bit. My little darlings whose ears are too tender for the sound of a flush or fan, ran around the sitting area screaming at the top of their lungs. I just sat there, feeling tired and looking haggard. Luckily, there were several other sets of parents just like me. (except for the part about being 10 months pregnant).

Here’s hoping the heat breaks and my children’s noise neurosis fades today!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Happy 4th of July

With one born on Flag Day and one born on the 4th of July, how can we be anything but a patriotic family?

Last night, we assembled the pool that my parents gave Bek for her birthday. I wish I could post the photos, but the girls decided less was best and shimmied down to their nothings. (we've decided to no longer post any photos like that on any of our sites).

Funny quote of the day - as both girls stood in the pool, playing with their toys - Bekah asked, "so what are we waiting for?" . Dave and I were confused at first.

Oh! It's a WADING pool.

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