Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Raspberry

On Sunday, Dave and Bekah took the dog to the dog beach. When they returned, they were full of stories of Normandy’s swimming adventures, meeting other dogs, climbing on rocks, discovering sea-life. After a few minutes of exuberant story-telling, they retired to the kitchen to have a cookie.

I heard Dave say to his daughter, “Oh! You forgot to give Mommy that surprise!”

Bekah comes running back out to the living room. “Mommy! Mommy! I have something for you!”

She opens up her little fist and hands me a slightly green, rather hard raspberry. It was suspiciously warm. “Eat it!” she encourages me. “Eat it!” Dave echos from the kitchen.

I say demurely, “oh, I’m so full. I couldn’t eat it right now. I’ll save it for later”.

“I had it in my hand for a long time then we had to wash Normandy so I put it in my shirt. It fell down my shirt and into my panties. So I took it out of my panties and put it in my pants. But then it fell down to my knee and then out of my pants so I put it in my sock.” Bekah said proudly.

Dave laughed and said, “Oh man! I was hoping you would pop it in your mouth before she told you that story.”

I looked at him with exaggerated disbelief. Then, in my best Italian mobster voice I said, “wha? You think I became a mother yesterday?”

Thursday, September 20, 2007



When Lex turned three months old, we moved Bekah to her big girl’s bed and Lex from our bedroom to a temporary place in the hallway.

We also put night lights in the hallway so everyone felt safe.

On the first night of the transition, I woke to see a HUGE shadow of a person on my bedroom wall. They were looking into the bassinet! It was terrifying.

I sprang out of bed and raced to the hallway. Instead of the menacing giant I fully expected to find, I found only two year old Bekah paying a mid-night visit to new sister. It turns out that having night lights low on the hallway walls makes for casting huge shadows in our room.

Lexie got her big girl’s bed last month.

Now, in the middle of the night, she will come to our room and throw open our bedroom door. She is such a quiet little girl, but she throws that door open with a force that is surprising. She will stand in the door frame for a minute, like the bad-ass sheriff in an old Western movie. When I look at her ten-foot tall shadow, I envision a rugged John Wayne – only he is sucking on a pacifier and has pigtails.

It makes me smile slightly as I think of that vision. But then I remember that I’m about to lose another hours worth of sleep and the smile goes away.

I know there will be a day when the four year old, the two year old and the zero year old will sleep through the night.

I look forward to that day.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


A Bug In the Back Seat

Last night, we stopped by the Mortimer’s and hung out in their beautiful back yard for a bit.

On the ride home, Bekah announces from the back seat, “mommy and daddy!! There is a HUGE bug on my chair”

Dave and I, conditioned to Bekah’s dramatic approach to life, gave her a non-engaged, “uh-huh”.

“EEEWWWW! It is HUGE, mommy and daddy. I’m scared!”

To which Dave replies, “when did you become scared of bugs? I saw you playing with worms the other day and they didn’t scare you. They are bigger than bugs”

“But this is bigger than a worm daddy. And it has a shell. I think it is a snail”.

“Is it a lady bug or a rolley-polley?” I ask.

“No mommy. I’ve never seen it before. AAACCCK It’s going toward the baby!”

“We’ll get it as soon as we get home” one of us said.

I was envisioning a gnat or a fly or something. After all, Seattle doesn’t really have any menacing bugs and I’ve never seen a snail.

“How did it get in here?” Bekah asks from the back seat. “It doesn’t have any wings. How did it get in the car?”

(as I type this, I am feeling like a really bad parent.)

Click on this link to see what we found when we pulled into the garage….

Dave and I each opened one side of the car to get the girls out. We saw it at the same time. I gasped, “Oh my god!” and Dave exclaimed, “what the fa….”

Lexie immediately caught on that this was not an ordinary bug and started crying. We quickly got all girls out of the car and then snapped that photo.

Bekah was right. It was a snail. And how DID it get in the car?

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