Thursday, November 29, 2007


Family News

For those of you who have been following the story of my nephew, you’ll be happy to know he got his cast off!

Nolan, who is two and a half, fell on Labor Day and broke his femur. He has been in a body cast since then.

Here are the email updates we got from Rob (Nolan’s father) after the casts were removed.

First Update:

Nolan did end up getting his cast off today. It was this afternoon. As happy as this is in theory, it was a highly unhappy day, as he was traumatized beyond belief. They said it would be tender and sore for a while, but he was near convulsions for the first half hour, and couldn't shake out of it the rest of the night. Impossible to know how much was psychological and how much was actual pain. I think he had come to believe that the cast was normal life, and now with its removal he's become horribly deformed. We're assuming he'll be much better tomorrow after moving it unconsciously in his sleep. Anyway, no more cast, which is fantastic. Next up, his first bath in three months.

Second Update: (sent the next morning)

Revision: Was standing in his crib when I went in this morning, and is hobbling around like a spaz now, scaring the crap out of me by playing ring around the rosey, etc. I'm feeling the need to hobble him like a horse so he can't move too much. He tried to take the step into the living room at a canter and wiped out awkwardly. I nearly soiled myself. He's very happy to have a free leg. He still walks like he has the cast on, swinging it out to the side, and it looks like he can only bend it to about 45 degrees, but any psychological damage is gone. Though if you mention his cast he gets a wistful look on his face. It's the same look he gets if you mention Abby, a girl he knew at daycare for two brief weeks before she was gone from his life forever.

Final update:

Every time he falls down he gets up and then looks at us and asks if he's broken his leg. I hope we can rid him of this habit before he starts gym class.

Friday, November 16, 2007



Most of my posts lately have been about sleep. The reason is simple. I am coveting it.

It’s strange that I have a baby that ‘sleeps through the night’, yet I am a sleep deprived lunatic right now.

On any given night, at least one child will wake me up. Right now, odds are it is Lexie, but Jo has been pretty good about following up the ol one-two-punch with a 4 am feeding.

Then my insomnia kicks in and well…. I’m writing blog posts at ungodly hours.

We’ve got an interesting development. As the kids get older, Dave is becoming a more sound sleeper. Less and less wakes him up. Like the other night, when Bekah woke at 2 am to go to the bathroom and sat on the toilet yelling “DADDDY DAAAAADDDDDY”, he didn’t stir.

I however, still have mommy hearing and jump to attention the moment a small foot hits the floor (it helps that our dog, a genetically driven herding dog, starts running from the child to me and back whenever either of the girls gets out of bed in the middle of the night).

So Dave sleeps through this. However, when I put one of the girls in bed with us (as I am prone to do), he immediately can’t sleep.

I, on the other hand, find the soft sound of their snoring quite lulling and it actually helps me sleep.

A typical night looks like this:

9:00 pm all girls asleep in their own beds
1:00 am Normandy starts running from our room to girls’ room
1:01 am mommy wakes up
1:02 am Lexie arrives at mommy’s bed
1:04 am Lexie is cuddled up next to mommy, sucking sweetly on her paci
1:30 am mommy drifts back to sleep
1:45 am daddy wakes up frustrated and takes Lexie back to her bed
1:50 am mommy is now awake and daddy is snoring
2:10 am mommy falls back to sleep
3:30 am Jo starts to stir
3:33 am Normandy starts running from bassinet to mommy’s bed
3:34 am mommy is awake
3:35 am Jo eats and goes right back to sleep
3:40 am mommy’s insomia hits and she gets up and works
4:00 am all family except mommy are asleep in their own beds

That is far too much activity for one night!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


103 at 2 am

The bad news is Lex is sick. The good news is she does not have insomnia.

She has crawled in bed with us at 2 am for the past two nights. Both nights, she has laid there for over 90 minutes and softly talked to herself. She sings every song she knows (which is very few). She plays “teacher lekki”. She pretends she is in ballet class.

I figured she was just taking after her nana and her mother and was a crazy early riser. But nope, she bona fide sick.

Her voice started sounding funny yesterday. When I checked her tonsils before bed, they are swollen to the point of touching each other. When I picked her up to put her in our bed tonight, she was burning up.

“does your throat hurt?” I asked her.


“does your head hurt?”


“water feel me better” she says.

She is just like her aunt Stacey – stoic.

We gave her water and Tylenol and now she is taking up all of the California king size bed that once felt so big. How can such a little thing take up so much room and put off so much heat?

As I watch her, she is tugging on an ear in her sleep. To the doctor for that one.

Before she fell asleep, I unzipped her little pajamas to cool her down.

She has a belly button tattoo.

Not a real one! Sherrysteckly’s sister and mum sent the girls belly button tattoos. They had the best time last night putting them on. They were giggling and giggling. Then daddy surprised me and put one on Baby Jo. Now every one has belly button tattoos. Except me. Getting woken at 2 am three nights in a row is enough torture for me.

Sunday, November 04, 2007



Saturday nights are the girls’ 'special night' because they get to fall asleep in mommy’s bed while watching a movie. (Actually, this is really parents’ 'special night' because we don’t have to go through the rigmarole of getting three kids to sleep on Saturday nights – it’s almost like date night for us.)

Last night I was telling the girls their choices for Dragon Tales. Rebekah picked the show “Siblings”.

I asked Lexie, “Do you know what siblings mean?”

She nodded confidently and gave a forceful “YES!”

“It means ‘sisters’”, I told her.

“SISTERS!” she repeated enthusiastically.

“and brothers” I continued.

“AND BROTHERS!” she confirmed.

“AND PORCUPINES” she added, completely out of the blue.

Sisters and brothers and porcupines. Sounds like a good definition of siblings to me. I’ll add it to wikipedia.

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