Friday, November 16, 2007



Most of my posts lately have been about sleep. The reason is simple. I am coveting it.

It’s strange that I have a baby that ‘sleeps through the night’, yet I am a sleep deprived lunatic right now.

On any given night, at least one child will wake me up. Right now, odds are it is Lexie, but Jo has been pretty good about following up the ol one-two-punch with a 4 am feeding.

Then my insomnia kicks in and well…. I’m writing blog posts at ungodly hours.

We’ve got an interesting development. As the kids get older, Dave is becoming a more sound sleeper. Less and less wakes him up. Like the other night, when Bekah woke at 2 am to go to the bathroom and sat on the toilet yelling “DADDDY DAAAAADDDDDY”, he didn’t stir.

I however, still have mommy hearing and jump to attention the moment a small foot hits the floor (it helps that our dog, a genetically driven herding dog, starts running from the child to me and back whenever either of the girls gets out of bed in the middle of the night).

So Dave sleeps through this. However, when I put one of the girls in bed with us (as I am prone to do), he immediately can’t sleep.

I, on the other hand, find the soft sound of their snoring quite lulling and it actually helps me sleep.

A typical night looks like this:

9:00 pm all girls asleep in their own beds
1:00 am Normandy starts running from our room to girls’ room
1:01 am mommy wakes up
1:02 am Lexie arrives at mommy’s bed
1:04 am Lexie is cuddled up next to mommy, sucking sweetly on her paci
1:30 am mommy drifts back to sleep
1:45 am daddy wakes up frustrated and takes Lexie back to her bed
1:50 am mommy is now awake and daddy is snoring
2:10 am mommy falls back to sleep
3:30 am Jo starts to stir
3:33 am Normandy starts running from bassinet to mommy’s bed
3:34 am mommy is awake
3:35 am Jo eats and goes right back to sleep
3:40 am mommy’s insomia hits and she gets up and works
4:00 am all family except mommy are asleep in their own beds

That is far too much activity for one night!

Shari, you are one funny lady. I can totally relate to the deaf spouse syndrome. At least you're a nice wife. I just poke Tony and tell him the kid wants him - go get him. Then I roll over and go back to bed.
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