Sunday, January 27, 2008


It’s Good to Be Home

Dave and I spent last week in New York City. As is our travel luck, we touched down and the Dow dropped 400 points and Heath Ledger died.

But, luckily for NYC, we are home now.

We got back around 9 pm on Friday. All the girls were still up so I promised a snuggle with the two oldest ones.

As I burrowed down with the four year old, she says to me, “so, how was your flight?”

It wasn’t the words that made this exchange so funny, it was the exact replication of tone and cadence of adult-speak. You know that way that you ask someone how their flight was when you are making small talk and you fully intend NOT to listen to the answer? She pegged that tone. I made a mental note not to ever ask that question again.

Then I settled in next to the two year old who was almost asleep. In a very tired, very soft voice, as she put a little hand up to stroke my hair, she said, “my missed you”.

It is good to be home.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Jason Knight on Fox News

A friend of mine, who I have met at various speaking engagements, was on the speaker's line up with me at Online Innovations in New York City this week. As he was leaving, he mentioned he was going to be interviewed on Fox News (I want to be that cool some day). Here he is below. I love his product and he is a really good guy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Dora Gets Her Funk On

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Guest Blogger

Dave sent this email to his parents yesterday.... It's a good read.

So tonight was bath night. Shari was bathing Lexie and Bekah at the same time while I did some chores. Towards the end of the bath, she decided to put Jo in with them, in this little support chair we have for the bath. Their first bath all together, it was totally cute. I got the videocamera and taped them for a minute or two. Then I turned the camera off and went downstairs to get the still camera.

On my way back up the stairs 30 seconds later, I hear Shari shout “911 Red Alert!!!!!!” I go running in to the bathroom. Floating behind Lexie is a turd the size of a bratwurst.

It all happened before Shari could react. Lex even called her shot, saying “My pooping” before she pinched it out. Shari protested, but was helpless as she had to extricate Jo from the support chair. As I rushed in I quickly yanked Lex out of the tub and onto her toilet. Luckily (or not?) she had apparently finished the job, as there wasn’t anything hanging off her backside. Meanwhile Bekah was standing in the water calmly discussing how huge of a poop it was. I grabbed her next while Shari tended to Jo. Lex casually sat on her toilet, watching the whole scene. “My pooped,” she says again.

Damn we need to get that one potty-trained.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Question of the Day

Brought to you by four year old Bekah:

"When all the Mommies and the Grandmas die, what happens to the earth?"

VERY good question.

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