Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Either She Is A Genius Or..

Lex is 2 ½ years old.

Yesterday, she looked at my FLORIDA sweatshirt and pointed to the F and asked, “what number is dat?”

I said, “that is the letter F”

She pointed to the L and asked, “dat?”

I said, “L”.

She points to the O.

“Lex, you know that one!”

“O!” she exclaims.

Then she points to the R and says…. “R”

And then points to the I and says…. “I”

And then the D and the A and, well, you get the picture.

My 2 ½ year old can spell Florida.

That means she is either really, really smart for a 2 ½ year old or….

I wear this FLORIDA sweatshirt far too much.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I Am A Bad Influence

Last week, at Bek’s Montessori parent teacher conference, they told us how well she reads, and writes her numbers and gets along with others.

Amongst the praise, the teacher mentioned, “one odd thing she does is insists that her youngest sister is zero years old. We try to explain that nobody can be zero”

I laughed. “Oh! That is my shtick”.

They look confused.

“When people ask”

Still looks of confusion and now I’m starting to feel a bit silly, but I forge ahead.

“When, um, people ask, I say, they are four, two and zero. It’s a joke…. You know. Because nobody can be… zero….. um, it’s irony.. “

I realize I’m not making progress so I change tactics, “its kind of funny but it’s also easier, then I don’t have to… um, remember…. Um….Jo’s age…..”

Confusion starts to turn to hints of concern so I stop.

“Alrighty then! I’ll make sure Bek understands that the baby is six, um, I mean, seven months old”.

Later that night, as I was feeding them dinner, I poured them their soy milk and said, “cheers!”

Lex pulled her cup to her chest.

“Teacher say, Lekki no do teers”.


“Teacher say my get time out if my do teers”

“She did!?” I ask incredulously.

“She said no teers even if you have lid”

Aah, that makes sense. I’m sure when they have 10 two year olds sitting around a table, they don’t want one of them clonking cups with all the others.

“But you can do cheers at home, Lex, when it is just us”

Lex shakes her head. It is clear by her expression that she considers her teachers to be all knowing and all seeing. If they said no cheers, then it means no cheers.

Deep sigh. OK.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Our Brush With Oprah

Dave and I have some long time friends, Dave and Kari. Dave and Dave were in the same fraternity and then they were roommates for awhile after college. Dave and Kari met while teaching high school. We were at their wedding, baby shower and other life events. They are good people.

A few years ago, just after their first son was born, Kari’s brother started having difficulties caring for his three pre-teen daughters. And, as good people do, Dave and Kari stepped up to help.

The girls moved in to Dave and Kari’s modest home and suddenly, 1,400 square feet became very small for six people and a cat.

In December, on a whim, Kari wrote to Oprah and explained their situation. A few days later, they got a call asking more questions. After the questions, they were asked to send photos of their house. Then one Friday, the folks at Oprah called Kari and said, “video tape your house and FedEx us the tape on Monday.”

So Dave and Kari called Dave. Dave went over the next day, filmed some footage of them in their house and spent part of his Sunday editing the footage into a really touching, heartfelt, humorous four minute look at their lives and home.

Dave and Kari FedExed it on Monday and on Tuesday got a call from Oprah’s people. More interviews followed.

A few weeks later, Dave and Kari called us one evening to tell us they had heard back. They got a call with good news and with bad news. The bad news was they did not win the Oprah home makeover. The good news was, they were one of the three runners up and they won a $5,000 shopping spree at Pottery Barn. Oprah’s people told them to be at the local Pottery Barn at 7 am the next day. They were opening the store just for them and there would be a film crew there to film some of the shopping and it would air on Oprah.

We were thrilled for them.

The next morning, our phone rang at 7:30 am.

“GUESS WHERE WE ARE!!!!” Dave shouted into the phone.

“Um, at Pottery Barn?” my Dave guessed.


While Kari was sitting in the chair, getting her make-up put on for the photo op at Pottery Barn, who else, but Nate Berkus, steps out from behind the camera and says, “Kari…. I have something to tell you….”

Kari immediately started crying.

Nate told them they had won a home make over and they were moving into a hotel that day. They called us en route.

Then they called back an hour later and told us it was a super huge, gigantic secret. We had to stay mum for three weeks until the remodel was complete.


For me, pure torture.

Last night, it was finished. Dave and I took the family over to Dave and Kari’s to see the final product. All I can say is Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God.

Dave and Kari and the kids leave for Chicago tomorrow. They will be interviewed by Oprah on Thursday and the episode will air on Monday, February 11.

Set your TiVo or your DVR or your video machine. However you can, watch it. You will be utterly and absolutely amazed.

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