Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Thank You Yesterday

I needed things to turn around for me. I really did. Last week was hard. And I say that with some trepidation because ten people in my husband’s family lost their father last week. My week wasn’t hard like that kind of hard, but it was hard.

It started with Grandpa Stukel dying (Dave’s maternal grandfather). Oh, he was 101 ½ so it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but sad nonetheless. It marks the end of an era and it is never easy to lose someone you love.

Dave headed out to South Dakota on Monday. Jo has been having sleep problems, torturous sleep problems. On Monday night, I got all three kids into their own beds by 8:50 pm. I sunk into the pillow and had an overwhelming sense of happiness. 100 minutes later, Jo woke up screaming.

And that was the longest she slept for the next three nights.

By Wednesday, I was a WRECK!

I cried at work. I’m not usually a crier, but I let loose – on my boss no less. And why? Because he came into my office and wanted me to look at a sport’s website. As a childless bachelor with only brothers, the poor guy didn’t know what hit him. He quickly scurried out of my office.

I haven’t seen him since.

Luckily, Jo had a doctor’s appointment scheduled. I had already made up my mind that I was going to talk to the doctor about her lack of sleep and it’s dangerous effect on me.

So I get to the doctor’s office. Now – a little back story – they had called me on Monday because Bekah’s kindergarten immunization records were ready for pick up. Then they called on Tuesday to remind me that Jo had an appointment on Wednesday to get her flu shot.

On Wednesday, I got off work early, picked Jo up from school and went to the doctor’s.

First, I asked for Bek’s immunizations. They didn’t have them. Not only that, they wouldn’t give them to me until I filled out their silly release forms again.

Filling out the forms made Jo get antsy and fussy. By the time I was done, she was really irritable.

I waited for a half hour with little cranky pants and finally a nurse came out. She took me back and then told me, “I’m really sorry, but we don’t have a flu shot for Jo. We ran out two weeks ago. We tried to call all of the shot appointments and tell them not to come in.”

Even though I was furious because they had wasted an entire afternoon for me, I said, “no problem, that kind of stuff happens. But, while I am back here, could you look in her ears? She isn’t sleeping and I think she has an ear infection”

The nurse looks at me and says (and I’m not making this up).

“No, I can’t because you don’t have an appointment”

Ahhhh… but there is where you are wrong nurse lady. I DO HAVE A FREAKIN’ APPOINTMENT!! WHY ELSE WOULD I BE STANDING HERE?!?!

But I didn’t say that. Instead, I just stared at her and started crying. The tears were streaming down my face. With my half-working mind, I was processing the fact that I needed to take Jo to the hospital and figure out what is wrong with her.

There must be something highly disconcerting about a woman in a business suit, silently crying in the middle of a doctor’s office because the nurse said, "I’ll be right back with the doctor".

They scooted me into a room and I started really crying. The combination of taking care of the girls alone, stress at work, and lack of sleep came tumbling out.

The doctor took one look in her ears, diagnosed a dual ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. She took one look at me and prescribed a short term pain medication. I asked if it were for me or the kid. She said, give it to the baby to make sure she sleeps – and that I sleep.

Things slowing started to get better after that. Dave came home. We had a nice Easter. I caught up a little at work.

But yesterday was nice.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Liked Yesterday

1. Jo slept through the whole night – in her crib.
2. I got the girls to school and me to work on time.
3. Dave is working on a job he loves and it pays well.
4. We had a crisis at work and my manager handled it like a pro.
5. I finally turned in our taxes to our accountant (and we are getting a sizable return).
6. I found my blue suit that I thought I had lost.
7. I stole away an hour to watch “Gilmore Girls”
8. I took the girls to the park and they were delighted.
9. Bekah ate a sh*tload of broccoli for dinner.
10. It was a brilliantly sunny day – all day.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Lexie's Stacey Infatuation

The girls know we always call nana and poppa on Sunday nights. Last night, Dave told them we were going to call grandma and grandpa after dinner. Rebekah says, “let’s call grandma and grandpa every Friday night”

Lexie says, “let’s call Stacey and Aram every Monday night”

This morning, when I came down, Lexie was singing “Stacey, Stacey, Stacey” in her chair. I asked her what she was doing and she told me her yogurt was named Stacey.

Odd child.

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