Monday, May 26, 2008


After Our Walk

I took Jo on a walk yesterday. Here is a photo of the results along with a haiku.

"No She Is Not Dead
She Just Looks That Way Right Now
Asleep In Stroller"

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Scratching Their Heads

I’ve joined a book club. Of course, I have absolutely no time to read books. So I buy them on iTunes, download them to my iPod, plug my iPod into my car stereo system and listen to them whenever I drive.

This morning was bright and sunny. I had to go into the office to get some work done and write a few chapters of my book. I had the windows rolled down, the sun roof open and my latest book club book playing loudly on the stereo when I pulled out of our garage.

We are “reading” Under the Banner of Heaven, by Jon Krakauer. The book is about Mormon Fundamentalist sects.

As the book was narrated through my stereo, I realized that the stroller Dave needed to take the girls to the park today was in the back of my SUV. So I stopped the car, got out, walked around, opened the back hatch and pulled out the stroller.

I wasn’t thinking much of the stereo until I caught site of my two neighbors staring at me. Then I realized what was blasting out of my stereo:

“Here the Lord very clearly and definitely says, that in order to enter into His glory, men MUST live the law of plural marriage. He makes no exceptions. There are no ‘ifs’ nor ‘ands’ about it. ‘All those who would enter into my glory MUST and SHALL obey my law.’ And ‘my law,’ as the Lord was treating it, is the law of PLURAL MARRIAGE”

I was, clearly, at the part of the book where the author was quoting John Taylor’s covenants.

I’m sure this confused my two neighbors. Not only do they know we baptized both our younger daughters at the Catholic Holy Rosary, they also know that Dave is responsible for the majority of the child care in our house hold.

I laughed at the thought of the impression I just gave to my neighbors and my mind wandered to what life would be like if Dave married more than one me.

I envisioned three women getting ready for work, on a day when he wasn’t working on a film.

“Can you pick up my dry cleaning today? I really want to wear my brown suit to the next board meeting.”

“Oh, and I need my website URL repurchased, would you mind taking care of that?”

“Don’t forget that I am leaving for New York day after tomorrow so you’ll have to take the kids to the doctor”

If Dave had three wives, that would be so strange. And he would be very, very tired.

At any rate, that will be my contribution to the book club conversation next month.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Moment of Truth

Since before Rebekah was born, I have been overly committed to raising daughters with a healthy body image. I told my friends when Bekah was still in the womb that I was not going to talk disparagingly of my weight in front of my daughters and I didn’t want them to either. As a matter of fact, I sometimes go as far as compliment myself in front of them so that they grow up knowing there is nothing wrong with liking the way you look. (If you ever want to test how pervasive self-flagellation is in our culture, just try complimenting your physique in front of your friends)

I have always struggled with my weight and I don’t want my daughters to go through the same. I try to be on a diet. I try to go to the gym every morning. All of this I do without talking about it in front of the children.

Lately, the struggle has been extra difficult. Baby number three + late thirties + writing a book while working full time = serious weight gain for me.

Last night, I was brushing my teeth and Rebekah came in and stepped on the scale.

“35” she said proudly.

“That is a very good weight” I agreed with her.

“Mommy, you get on the scale”. She said out of the blue.

“Me?” My heart panicked. “I’m busy”

“Why don’t you want to get on the scale?” asked my uber-observant four-year-old.

Good question, I said to myself. This is the kind of thing she will take her cues from. I can't let on I am embarrassed about my weight. I am trying to be the role model for self acceptance.

So I stepped on the scale.

“Wow!” Mommy you weight a lot!”

Great, I thought. Now what do I do? How do I turn this into a teachable moment?

“It’s not too much.” I shrugged. “Lots of grown ups weigh the same as me”.

“Mommy, is one hundred and (blankty blank) more or less than one million?”

“It’s less, sweetie”

I acted totally nonchalant about the whole episode. But inside I was praying, “please baby jesus, do not let her tell the neighbors how much I weigh; especially the mommy who is the young, blond, perky aerobics instructor.”

Tomorrow to the gym for me.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Happy Hump Day

Last week I sent this link to a few of my friends because I thought the story was so great.

One of my friends, Nicki, responded with the following story about her seven year old son with autism.

I have my own feel good story about sports. It won't make national news but. . .

Trevor is in TOPS soccer (program for special needs) and a couple of Saturdays ago, he was the highest scorer for both teams, scoring 2 goals for his team and 2 goals for the other team. The other team won with a score of 3 to 2.

In other news -

Jo continues to crawl and get into everything. She has two teeth on the bottom.

Lexie had her first dentist appointment. She cried at first but then bucked up and forged through it.

Rebekah took part in another series of early childhood development studies at UW. Part of the study is about children and delayed gratification. She went ten minutes alone in a room, with absolutely nothing to do but stare at a cup full of fruitloops. At 11 minutes, she said she had to go to the bathroom. She never ate the fruitloops, but she didn't sit the entire 15 minutes.

Dave has worked on a couple of commercials. They are not glamorous, (think vacuum cleaners), but its good work.

And I, if you have not heard, finally got a book deal.

And that's it for us right now.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Lexie Reads

Lexie, who is not yet three, has been watching her older sister learn to read.

Lexie knows all of her letters by sight. She does not, however, know that each makes a certain sound.

At any rate, she’s been watching Rebakah closely. Last night, she opened her children’s dictionary and put her finger intently on the first letter of the first word and then she said,

“Aaaaa gaaaa daaaa wrrrrooo paaa. Whas sat spell?” (looking at me)

“airplane” I reply

She nods happily, just like Rebekah does when she properly sounds out a new word. Rebekah will sound out a word, and then look up and ask, “What’s that spell?”

Next word

“maaa daaa graaa saaaa. Whas sat spell?”

“arm” I say.

Happy nod.

Then she must have gotten lazy about coming up with sounds because she started doing this.

“raaaa beeeee kaaaaa. Whas sat spell?”

“Carnival” I say.

Happy nod.

One thing about Lexie – she stays on a task like this for a long time. I was wishing I had a nanny camera pointed at her. It was less what she was saying and more her perfect imitation of her sister. It was cute.

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