Monday, June 30, 2008


New Website

I've got a new website, courtesy Brent Dixon. Come visit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Lexie at the Door with Neighbors

The other night, our very nice, retired neighbor, Art, came by to tell us that our dog had escaped again.

Usually, when Art stops by, we shoot the breeze.

This time, I opened the door with Jo in my arms and Bekah by my side. As he was telling me that the dog got out, Lexie walked up to my other side.

Art glanced down at her and then stammered something, turned around, and I would dare say, bolted from the porch.

I thought it was so odd. I stood there watching him, then shut the door, looked down at Lexie and saw a little girl with nothing on but a pull-up, pink cowboy boots and large pieces of scotch tape on her legs. I don’t know what she was playing before Art came by, but she certainly was a sight to behold.

Last night, we stopped by our neighbors house to give them a birthday invitation. The mother, Claudia, opened the door and exclaimed, “Lexie! Girl! Your Hair!”

I thought this was odd. I had a fleeting thought of “oh crap! I forgot to look at her before we left the house again!” But I looked down and it was just normal Lexie, with her huge head of blond hair. (which, we recently had cut but it did nothing to tame that head-o-hair).

Claudia saw that I looked puzzled and said, “I’ve only seen Lexie riding her bike with her helmet on. I never knew she had soooo much blond hair.”

Yep, Little Lexie is making an impression.

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