Sunday, July 20, 2008



For most people, LOL has come to mean “Laughing Out Loud”. But in our family, it has a whole different meaning. One that sometimes drives Dave and me to the brink of divorce.

It means

Lost on Location.

When Dave is working on a film and the prop people, or the costume people or even the craft services people need something, he is so focused and so wrapped up in producing the best movie ever, that he will borrow from our household whatever it is that the movie crew needs.

And, inevitably, it gets lost.

Hence the term, “lost on location”.

I could list the litany of items that have disappeared from my house into that cosmic black hole that is a movie location, but I will not, since I do love my husband dearly.

So yesterday, the girls and I went to visit Daddy on the movie set. We walked around the huge semi trucks that housed the generators they are using to power all the cameras and lights (filming is in a shut down school). We peeked at Robin Williams trailer. We saw all of the racks and racks of costumes and talked with the hilarious woman who was sewing all of them. We marveled at the two classrooms that the props people painstakingly set up like an English class and Art class. We walked through all the different parts of the set wide-eyed and smiling at all of the different and amazing things. Until

“HEY!” I yelled at Dave

“That. Is. My. Lunch box!”

Luckily, there was no body else in the ‘control room’ when he was giving us the tour, lest they think his wife is a raging lunatic (which I kind of am lately, as I’ve been pulling single parent duty, while working full time as an exec and finishing my book).

However, it is my favorite lunch box. It’s the one with the wide bottom so my Lean Cuisines fit comfortably inside and it has the adjustable strap and the thermo-whatever, works the best of the others I have.

Dave quickly handed it to me. “I wasn’t going to let it get lost, I swear.”

Yeah, right.

Far be it from me to complain, but being the wife a movie guy is not nearly as glamorous as I thought it would be. Although when we walked past the security guard, he did call Dave “boss” and the girls thought this was the neatest thing ever. Of course, Dave called him “chief” back, so I think these are just odd movie-people terms of endearment that aren’t really literal.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Summer Nights

Last night, as illegal fireworks exploded on seemingly every side of our house, they drown out the quiet patter of three-year-old feet coming down the hallway.

It wasn’t until a small hand touched my face that I woke at slightly past midnight.

“Mommy” said timid little Lexie, “I don’t want fire works on my birthday.”

I hoisted her into bed with me and wrapped my protective arms around her.

“They are noisy” she complained. “Too noisy for me to fall asleep and I am tired.”

When we were in Ireland last, I remarked to our friends who live in Galway at how late it stays light outside.

“How do you ever get your kids to go to bed?” I asked one of the locals.

“I dress all of my kids in red,” he said to me.

This was very intriguing. Luckily, he went on.

“I dress them in red and my neighbor, he dresses his children in blue.

We send them to the park and let them play until they all fall down from exhaustion. Then I go pick up all the red ones and he picks up all the blue ones and we are done for the night.”

As I sit up in my office, trying to put the finishing touches on my book, I can hear my kids down in the back yard with my husband and my parents. My parents gave them a swing set and they are all playing loudly on it.

Dave and my parents are putting the kids down tonight so I can keep working. I’m pretty sure their strategy for getting them to sleep has a touch of the Irish in it.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Would Somebody Please Let Mommy Sleep?

Last night:

1:30 shouts from Bekah – leg cramp.
2:00 thunder claps
2:01 dog jumps into bed (first time in the 8 year we’ve had her)
2:15 heavy rains crash into open windows
3:30 Jo wakes up – stays that way until 5:30

Yesterday morning, in my sleep deprived / book deadline stress induced state of mind, I packed all three girls up in the car and headed out. But instead of turning right to take them to school, I went straight – to work.

I didn’t get far before Bekah asked “Mommy! Where are you going?!?”

Lexie laughed in the back seat, “Mommy, you forgot to put us to school!”

Jo is walking now. She walks and she loves the dishwasher. She can hear that thing open from anywhere on the premises. She can crawl and walk so fast when that dishwasher opens. She is dying to crawl inside. I think she thinks there is magic in there – like The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe closet or something.

Of course, I don’t want to break the dishwasher door.

So we basically do dishes even less than we used to.

It’s messy and sleepy at my house right now.

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