Thursday, August 28, 2008


In Ten Minutes

Rebekah’s brand new alarm clock is going to buzz for the first time. Kindergarten starts next Tuesday and we are all practicing getting up early.

Even though she is totally excited for it (she actually went to bed early last night in anticipation!), I’m sad for her.

I’m pretty sure she’s going to hate the sound of the buzzing waking her up and I’m doubly sure she has no idea that this is how it’s going to be almost every day for the next sixty to seventy years.

But she’s surprised me before.

I’ll post an update tomorrow.

Oh, and we met her teacher last night. She seems very nice and smart. One thing about her that has us scratching our heads… she has 27 children. Apparently, she adopted 23. She assured us that only 16 are living with her right now.

Dave and I can’t decide if that makes her a saint or a loon. I’ll report on that in a few months as well!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago on this day, my wedding day, I woke up to discover the apartment I had moved out of two days before - that had nothing in it but my wedding dress, shoes, make-up and veil - was locked and the key was lost.

You see, the night before, Dave’s friends had ‘kidnapped’ me at the rehearsal dinner. Apparently this is a Stukel family tradition.

In the chaos of the kidnapping, someone had grabbed my key ring and nobody knew where it had gone.

My sister drove me to the hotel where hundreds of Dave’s family were staying. We met up with his parents and his dad innocently asked me why I didn’t have a spare key. In my stressed out, sleep deprived state, I started to unleash on him, going back to the fact that I had moved my entire apartment the week of my wedding BECAUSE we had not lived together BECAUSE Dave had not wanted to disappoint them…. My sister quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me away. Luckily, Ron shook it off and if I offended him, I still don’t know it.

We finally found the key and I was wed in the dress as planned.

I laugh at this ten years later. Not a whole lot has changed.

Our lives are still hectic and disorganize. We lose things like crazy (as a matter of fact, one the girls’ favorite sayings when they spot a random toy is “I’ve been looking ALL OVER for this!”)

We are still blessed with friends who do crazy stuff that good friends do.

Our families are still standing with me in moments of stress. I still snap at them sometimes and they continue to shrug it off. We are still a family without much drama.

I could get mushy and write about how much I still love my husband, but if you’ve read this blog at all, you know I adore him.

Dave’s younger sister, Kate, is getting married in a few weeks. I’m sure the event will be like most good marriages. It will be the hardest, sometimes the most stressful, work she’s ever done, for a party that is more fun than she can even imagine.

I love you Dave.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Jo’s Got A Shiner

A few weeks ago, I was going to write a post titled “Lexie Saves the Day”. The plot was centered around an evening when we were at Dairy Queen and after Bekah was ¾ of the way through with her Sundae, it dropped on the ground. She started crying and demanding another. I figured she was more shrewd than clumsy so I denied her; which cranked up the volume on the crying, until Little Lexie said, ‘”here, you can share mine”

Crying stopped and day was saved.

Fast forward a few days. We were out and about and I saw a dime on the ground, I pointed it out to Bekah and she was thrilled to find a dime on the street. An hour later, I spotted a penny so I alerted Lexie (I’m getting like my father in my coin-finding acumen). Bekah went nuts. She was angry because she wanted the penny. She said to me, “mommy, how would you like it if you were a little girl and you found a dime and then you lost it and your mommy found a penny but gave it to Aunt Stacey?”

I started to admit that would make me said when Little Lexie handed the penny over to Bekah and said, “Here, you can have it.”

I told my parents the story that night and my mom observed, “Lexie is going to have to learn to stand up for herself”. Which was exactly my inclination until I gave it more thought.

To assume that Lexie is giving in to peer pressure might not the proper assumption.

See, Lexie doesn’t have a monster sweet tooth like her two sisters (and her mother). She often eats half a cookie and puts down the rest because she is full. And, at three, she doesn’t understand what money is. So, in her little world, what’s the big deal if she hands over ice cream or a penny? She doesn’t dig her heals in over principle, like some people do (me).

I think life might be easier on her with this outlook.

But there is the worry that she is too much of a pushover. She is sandwiched between two domineering personality types. The question lingers, will she be able to hold her own in this household of extroverts?

So last night, Lexie was playing with her puzzle. Now her puzzle – that is something she cherishes. Jo came up and tried to take the puzzle. After the third attempt at a capture, Lexie socked her – right in the eye.

She socked her hard enough to give her a black eye. Now, I’m in no way advocating violence under my roof, but I do have to admit, it probably isn’t the worst thing that has happened to the sister dynamic.

The thing I find a bit more interesting, is that, now that I pay closer attention, I notice that Bekah NEVER tries to take Lexie’s books, puzzles, blanket or paci. Clearly, they have worked out their own boundaries and something tells me, Lexie played a lead roll in setting the rules. Something also tells me that those rules will be established with Jo as well. She’s a little slower on the learning (she’s only one, after all) but I witnessed Lexie give her a firm “NO!” when she tried to mess with her books yesterday.

Yeah, Lexie may be quiet and soft spoken, but she can hold her own.

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