Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Greetings from Rhodes

We docked in Rhodes today and rented a car. We drove over an hour out of the regular tourist beaches and found a great family beach called Genadi.

At the beach, I figured I'd continue my adventurous streak. Afterall, I'd climbed to the top of a rainy Manemvisia two days ago, rode donkeys up Santorini yesterday, what was I going to do today?

So I did like the locals, took off my top and swam topless in the Aegean Sea. Granted, the beach was fairly secluded and had only a few Greek families playing in the water. Nobody noticed me.

Back on board the ship, as I was entering the dining room for dinner (think fancy clothes, rich people), a couple from Quebec came up to me and said, "we saw you today!".

My heart lept to my throat and my face turned bright red. I realized then that I am not nearly as brave as I might give myself credit.

"You saw me? today?" I asked in a croaky voice.

"Yes! You rented a car. We were behind you in a taxi."

"Did you go to the beach?" I was panicking.

"Oh no, we turned off to go to a ceramics museum".

"Thank you baby jesus" I said to myself.

Today we enter Turkey.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Greetings from Santorini

From Dave -

Hello from Oia! Shari and I just ducked in to a cafe to send a quick note. We are amazed by this place. All the postcards and pictures we have seen did not do it justice. Simply incredible.

This morning Shari solidified her place as Greatest Wife in the World, when she took the donkeys up the slope to Fira with me instead of the cable car. It was quite an experience, I can't wait to show you the pictures. The 'guide' smacked our burros on the ass and sent us up the path, but didn't come with us. About a third of the way up, they just stopped. No amount of kicking, yelling or pushing would get the donkeys to move. After about 10 minutes another set of donkeys came-- but they were going down. Our rides tried to follow them before a guide finally got them turned around. We continued up the hill, but they stopped several more times and would only go when they felt like it. They also seemed to prefer hugging the outside wall quite a bit, which was a bit disconcerting as we got 1000+ feet up. Shari was a real trooper. Right now we both smell like donkey.

Yesterday we were diverted from Mykonos due to weather-- we went to a port called Manemvasia on the Pelopponesian Peninsula. The weather was terrible-- 50 degrees and raining. It made the Greek Islands look like the San Juans in November. Luckily, we LOVE the San Juans in November, and weren't going to allow a little rain to slow us down. We hiked to the top of the Rock of Manemvisia, which gave us incredible views of the walled city there. It also gave us a little bit of a reputation on the boat (we are officially the youngest tourists aboard). The donkey ride should help solidify our "adventurous" status.


Friday, September 26, 2008


Greetings from Athens

Here is where Dave and I are staying in Athens.

It's remarkable that the photo on their website did not include the pawn shop and porn stand which shares the same space. Oh well. The view from the top is gorgeous. We've had drinks here almost every night.

We visited the Acropolos and the Agora as well as the Archeology Museum.

I must admit, I'm not quite as interested in Greek ruins as Dave (big shocker to some of you, I know).

But I did find catch this interesting site:

At the Roman Agora - there is a preserved public bathroom! So check it out - picture a square room with a bench around the all four walls. The bench has circlular holes side by side. Under the holes is a trough with flowing water. People would sit, thigh to thigh and take care of their business. In the middle, there was often an orchestra. Many people think the music was to distract from the sounds. Could you imagine being the flute player in that band?

I'm going to keep that in mind the next time I'm not liking my job.

At least I'm not playing a flute while people poop all around me.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


May I Have This Dance?

The first alarm clack didn’t work so well. B thought it was the fire alarm and it freaked her out. Now she has my super alarm clock that plays a CD when it goes off and I have the Fred Meyer alarm clock. (I guess I’m old enough to remember the alarm signals its time to wake up, not evacuate the house).

She chose her wake up song carefully. It’s what she calls the “Bekah and Lexie Song”. You may know if it by the name “This is Us” by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris

“You and me and our memories
This is us

On the first day of the new alarm clock, B jumped out of bed and went to L’s bed and asked, “May I have this dance?”

L rolled over and said, “go-ed away”.

We survived the first day of Kindergarten with one traumatic event in the morning and one in the afternoon.

When dropping 3-year-old L off at day care, we discovered that she actually thought she was ‘starting elementary’ that day as well. She was maaa-aaad that she wasn’t ‘going to elementary’ with a lunch box and recess and everything else we’ve been talking about.

Then, at 3:30 pm, my cell phone rings (the only people who call me on my cell are those few people who take care of my children).

It was the principal of B’s new school. She got on the wrong bus, I was told. She is sitting in the principal’s office and is upset, please come get her.

When we got her, we learned that she didn’t actually get on the wrong bus, she didn’t get on any bus at all. They gave her and one other little girl from her day care a purple ribbon and told her to find the bus with a purple sign. As the six other boys from her daycare boarded the PINK signed bus (because their ribbons were pink), she looked at her ribbon, looked at the bus and got very confused. Soon all the buses started pulling away and she and Ann were not on any of them. She never found a purple signed bus because there wasn’t one and it’s a big mystery why she and Ann were given ribbons for a bus that didn’t exist.

She wasn’t sad or scared – she was maaa-aaad! She told me she wanted to ride the bus on her first day of school and her first day of school was now gone. True, I told her. True, but like many things about school, beyond our control.

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