Friday, November 14, 2008


Lex and Barack

Yesterday Lex materialized beside me at 5 am. She does that. Dave thinks she has Star Trek technology. She will suddenly appear out of nowhere. You’ll be working on your laptop, feel someone looking at you and there she is, standing beside you, blanket in hand, waiting patiently for you to notice her. You never know how long she had been standing there because she gives no indication.

So she materializes at 5 am and tells me her stomach hurts and she needs some yogurt.

I hoist her up to the kitchen bar and as I’m getting her yogurt, she says in a very small voice, “I like it when it’s just me and you.”

I smile at her. I like it when it’s just her and me too.

Then she says, “I wish Barack Obama would come to our house.”

I stifled a surprised laugh.

“You do?” I lean down to her level. “What would you say to Barack Obama if he came to our house?”

The pause was so long, I thought she wasn’t going to answer. Sometimes she does that. You’ll ask her a question and she’ll consider it for a long time and then decide not to say anything. Perhaps that is why she is drawn to politics at the tender age of three.

But then she shrugged and in the same small voice said, “I’m a little shy. I probably wouldn’t talk to him.”

And then she ate her yogurt in silence.

Precious. This is a very special age.

I've met the author of a fantastic book that celebrates this age with a number of engaging short stories. It's called Toddler, compiled by Jennifer Margulis. Any parent can relate to its stories.

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