Sunday, November 16, 2008


The Place What Has A Grandpa

This morning, both smallest girls woke at 5 am. WTH?

So I did what any good mommy does at 5 am on a Sunday, I turned on the TV. (It was BrainCandy so I don’t feel too guilty.)

As the DVD was warming up, Lex says to me, “I want to go to the place again what has the grandpa that isn’t my grandpa.”

“The what, honey?”

“The place with the grandpa that isn’t my grandpa.”

This stumped me.

“Do you mean Nana and Poppa’s?”

“No!” she looked at me like I was nuts. “Poppa is my poppa. The other one that isn’t my grandpa but is a grandpa.”

“Tell me more…. who was with us?”

“Aunt Stacey but not daddy.”

Then I knew! She was talking about MY grandfather’s. We visited them last week to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

We spent a few hours at their house. How could she not want to go back? My grandma has a player piano that you can push the pedals and make music. She has 50 year old miniature dolls on a bottom shelf. She had never ending candy. There were pretty smelling sprays in the bathroom and seemingly endless rooms to peak into. It was quite the adventure and clearly left a warm memory in my three year old’s heart.

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