Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What Was The Best Gift You Gave This Year?

My friend, Brent, asked me that question yesterday. I told him it was the little handbag that the girls gave their grandmother. It was the best gift because it was from my good friend, Carol Shillios' store, that just opened in Edmonds. I not only love supporting Carol's project, Fabric of Life, it turns out she is friends with my daughter's kindergarten teacher, who has adopted 24 children from Ethiopia. Bek was thrilled that we met someone who knows her teacher.

Then a friend I have not met yet, Val Mohney, sent me this video today. If you are ever in Edmonds, stop by Carol's store.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Mommy, Are There Bad Guys In Real Life?

Last week, as I was pumping gas, a very dirty, drunk, stoned transient approached me. All three girls were in their car seats.

“I’m John.” He held out his hand.

I did not extend my hand to him. He sent my fear radar off.

“What, you can’t shake my hand?” he asked.

I knew there were six big blue eyes watching this exchange.

“You are a stranger, sir.” I said to him, debating whether I should get in the car and drive off with the gas hose still in my tank or move closer to him to put it back.

“My wife and I are hungry.” He said.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any money.” I said, putting the hose back into the pump.

“We want food.” He replied.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any food.”

“Will you please come in the store and buy some with your credit card.”

“No, I will not go anywhere with a stranger.”

I got back into the car and locked the doors. The girls asked all sorts of questions and I re-iterated how we never, ever talk to strangers.

A few nights later, I was making dinner for the girls and Lex says, “Mommy, are there bad guys in real life?”

“Yes, honey. Unfortunately, there are. What do you say if a bad guy grabs you?”

“I scweam ‘this is not my daddy!’”

“That’s right. That’s how people will know to help you. What else do you do?”

“Bite him hard and run away.”

“Good girl.”

Bek pipes in, “Mommy, what if a bad guy comes into our house?”

The look on Lex’s face was tragically sad. It was clear that she had never, in her three long years on this earth, consider this as a possibility.

“If a bad guy comes into our house, I would say, ‘Bek, run to Art and Daisey’s’ and then I would smack him on the head with a frying pan or a flash light or that long stick daddy uses for his knee.”

“Why do I have to run to Art and Daisey’s?” Bek asked

“Well, Daisey would call 911 and Art would come over to help us. I’m pretty sure he would bring a gun too.”

Meanwhile, Lex must have been digesting the idea of mommy as the aggressor and it didn’t sit well with her.

“Mommy? Would you hit daddy on the head with a frying pan?”


“What about Papa or Grandpa.”

“No honey. I only hit bad guys on the head with frying pans.”

Long pause.

“Mommy? Are their giants in real life?”





“Yes, but none in Edmonds”

“Are there maps in real life?”


“But they don’t talk, right?”

“Right.” Then I thought about GPS units. But I decided that this conversation had already been far too complex and modern for three little girls with a combined age of 9. So instead I asked,

“Who wants a spoonful of whip cream before dinner?”



This photo is just insane. This is I-5 in Seattle.

Dave was prepping another part of I-5 for a film shoot yesterday very near this. (Think huge giant blow torches to melt snow on street.)

What you can’t see is another bus right behind it. Apparently, one bus rear-ended the other while they were both sliding in the snow. Could you imagine?

Dave is on a shoot today. Ooooh, I wish I could blog what is going on. But there are marital rules against it. I told him his clients would never read my little ol’ blog, meant only for my family, but he still said no. OK, I’m not saying anything but one word. Goats.

We have another storm headed our way today. This one is supposed to be big wind and freezing rain. Everyone is being advised to say goodbye to their electricity.

We’ve got tickets for the Santa train today. I’m not sure if it will be canceled or not. Poor Bek, her holiday recital was canceled, she hasn’t gone to Kindergarten in three days and Papa and Nana couldn’t come last night. She isn’t liking this weather one bit. Nor am I, I must say.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Seattle is a Funny Funny City

All the news people were raging about a snow storm that was supposed to happen last night. I had a focus group at 6 pm. Half of the women canceled because of "the snow".

Everyone canceled their meetings with me today because of the "the snow". I got a few calls from people to cancel their Thursday meetings as well.

This morning, our school district canceled all school for everyone.

It hasn't snowed one flake. The three inches we were supposed to wake up to - nada. I told Bek last night, "Don't get your hopes up. I don't think it will snow tonight. This is something you must get used to if you live in Seattle." But lucky for her, they still canceled school. What the heck? (B loves school, but they were having a substitute today).

I think I may tell my boss I'm coming in late today, because of "the snow".

On another funny note, the school calls all numbers they have on file when there are school closures, including our emergency contact, Aunt Kate. Every morning she's been getting a six am call telling her school is late. Dave thinks this is quite funny. I think it's downright cruel.

Monday, December 15, 2008


My How Snow Days Are Different

Every once in awhile, I’ll be struck by how different my kids’ lives are than my life was. The combination of 30 years ago and city versus small town make for some interesting contrasts sometimes.

Like today. We are experiencing our first school delay due to “snow”.

First off, it snowed Saturday, about three inches. In Kennewick, there’s no way school would be delayed because of that. But, we have more hills in Seattle, and more “cautious” drivers.

When we had snow days in Kennewick, I remember sitting anxiously by the television, waiting for Westgate (or Highlands or Kamiakin) to be mentioned on the morning news. It took about three minutes to announce all schools in the tri-city area.

Today, I started watching the news around five. I watched school after school make their announcements. Good heavens we have a lot of schools here! Then, at six am, our home phone rang, then Dave’s cell, then my cell, then my work phone. It was almost simultaneously. Each call had a recorded message telling us school is two hours late and snow routes are in effect. I’m sure I’ll get an email soon.

So we are running late today.

Jo had her first romp in the snow yesterday. Actually, it wasn’t a romp at all. I bundled all three girls up and took them outside. Bek bounded off to play with the neighbors and Lex and Jo just stood there for a few minutes. After about seven minutes, Lex said, “I’m cold. Can I go watch TV?” To which I said, “Yes.” And snow play was over.

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