Saturday, January 31, 2009


Our Jobs

For those of you in Washington State, if you are watching the Super Bowl tomorrow, it’s rumored that Dave’s latest commercial will air. If you see goats, that’s his. When watching, just keep in mind that it was filmed on the snowiest day of the snowstorm in Seattle.

Also, the film he worked on this summer, World’s Greatest Dad, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. I just learned it was produced by the same woman who produced The Wrestler (which is getting all sorts of great reviews right now).

Dave’s job continues to be waaaaaay cooler than mine. While I’m dealing with the credit unions’ re-capitalization of our corporate (don’t ask), he’s securing a skyscraper rooftop for a video game company.

Although, on the book front, things are moving along nicely. I’m in the final editing stages of the manuscript and the marketing has begun. We are now getting blurbs for the book jacket. Among others, I got one yesterday from a Pulitzer Prize winner, Women’s Day Magazine and the Chair of the Board of PCC – the largest organic grocery store chain in the country.

Apparently, I’ll be meeting with my publicist soon. I guess having a publicist is pretty cool.

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