Friday, February 13, 2009


One Year Anniversary

Dave texted me while I was at the gym last weekend and said, “It’s been one year since you got your book deal. Smile. ILY”

How sweet is that? Actually, it’s been one year since I got The Call.

Things are full steam ahead with the book. I’m in the final stages of manuscript editing and the marketing has begun. We’ve gone back to the drawing board (again) on the title. The publisher is circling around the title “Actually, I Am the Boss of You and Other Things You Can Say at Work”. I like it. I like saying it (much better than the title they had picked out previously).

We are working on getting the blurbs and the catalog page. Apparently, every book buyer gets a catalog before spring and fall and that is how they select what is going to go on their shelves. It’s quite fascinating. The catalog seems to be one part book description, one part marketing plan and one part picture book. Those are the three things the catalog page consists of – a description of the book, a synopsis of how much marketing it’s going to get and photos of the author and book jacket.

I used to make fun of my real-estate friends who had their photos on their business cards and now here I am, trying to sell a book with my smiling mug.

At any rate, the girls are doing fine and doing all sorts of things I know I should blog because you would laugh, but time seems even shorter than before.

I did however, get this link sent to me today and it made me laugh, so I will share it with you. (And secretly pray that Ellen someday invites me on to her show to schlep my book!)

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