Sunday, April 12, 2009


All Your Eggs in One Basket

Jo grabbed her first two plastic eggs, put them in her hands and wouldn’t let go. It made picking up the rest of the eggs quite a struggle. As she bent down, one egg would drop. She’d pick up the next egg, put it in the crook of her arm, reach for the first egg and the egg in her arm would drop. I must have told her ten times to put the eggs in her basket. She would put eggs three, four, five and six in the basket, but first and second egg had to stay with her at all times.

Meanwhile, Lex and Bek were running circles around her. Lex, however, started getting distracted by her toys. As she was finding eggs, she would exclaim, “Oh! My puppy purse! I’ve been looking all over for this!” and a few minutes later, “Oh! I love this book! I have to remember to read this book today.”

And lastly, Bek was doing a heartwarming job of helping her younger sisters find eggs, that is, until she pointed to the American Girl doll on shelf and instructed her younger sisters, “Look at the doll’s vagina and you’ll see an egg.” Technically she was right, but Dave didn’t appreciate the description of the egg placement he had found so cute last night.

Monday, April 06, 2009



That is a photo Dave took of the girls this weekend in their Easter dresses.

I had to travel to Arizona today. Last night, right before bed, Lexie says to me, "I have a headache".

I took her temperature as I was walking out the door to catch my flight this morning - 102 degrees. Ugh.

On my lay-over in Portland I got a text from Dave "Little Lex barfed in my truck".

Poor kiddo has been sleeping all day. Oh, I don't like being away when they are sick. Dave sent me this photo to cheer me up. We did have such a fun time last weekend - meeting Kate, Stephen and Katie down at the market and having brunch and then walking around. We watched a street band for quite awhile and Jo danced with the best of them. I want to hire that band for my book release party - which - by the way - is on October 9. Mark your calendar!

To cheer me up, Dave also sent me some Lexie quotes. We both agree that her fever has made her especially chatty. Here they are:

“Daddy when I grow up I will be all the things I will be a mommy and a dinosaur scientist and a rocket star. And I will do karate chops in the gym but it will be my gym, my school gym but it will be at my work. For the karate chops.”

“Daddy as soon as I finish the granola bar I will go to be bed because I had so many yawns. Do you know how many yawns I have? Two yawns when I was going to potty and one yawn out here and now one more yawn when I tried to eat my granola bar. But if you have too many yawns that means you have to go to bed because you are tired.”

“Daddy I have to stop talking because when I am talking so much my head hurts more.”

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