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Six Degrees of Jo

Six Degrees of Jo

As Jo nears two, some of my friends have asked what her personality is turning out to be. She is head-scratchingly hard to define. On one hand, she is extremely reluctant to be with new people (she clings to me), yet she is very dominant when she is with the people she knows. She is has a sense of humor. She is funny. But she can also be a tad on the mean side.

Perhaps instead of trying to label her, I’ll give you six stories of examples. (Keep in mind that she doesn’t talk yet. Well, she does say words, but only the family understands what she is saying).

Jo at the Pool

Last weekend we had a board retreat at Suncadia. In the afternoon, I took the girls swimming. Jo (who NEVER voluntarily goes to anyone if I am around) was jumping into the pool and I was catching her.

SherrySteckly stopped by on her way back from a walk. She had on khakis and a white shirt. I said to Jo, “Ha! You should go give her a big hug.” Jo turned, waddled over to SherrySteckly and wrapped her arms around her legs and buried her wet head into the folds of her crisp khakis, making it look just like she had wet her pants.

Jo in Kennewick

I took Jo to see my dad two week-ends ago. We stopped by my grandparents’ house. Jo hadn’t been in the house ten minutes when she ran over to a glass angel my grandmother had on a stand, picked it up and dropped it on the hearth. There was yards of carpet she could have dropped in on, but it was the hearth she picked, shattering the beautiful angel.

My dad kept insisting it was an accident, until at his house, she got into a cupboard, pulled out a dish, ran into the bathroom and threw it into the bathtub, shattering the dish.

Jo in her Pajamas

Jo often insists that she wear one of her bathing suits to sleep. Friday night, she selected her Dora bathing suit, and then went into her older sisters’ room, rummaged through their drawers until she found the perfect pair of Hello Kitty panties and put them over the suit. This outfit was premeditated and precisely executed.

Jo Bites

We have huge issues with Jo biting. She bites when she’s mad. She bites when she is trying to get attention, and apparently, she bites when she is bored.

Last night as the girls were watching a movie, I ran downstairs for something. Suddenly I heard Lex scream. Then I heard Jo at the stop of the stairs, “Bit, bit” she was saying.

“You bit Lex?”


“Air”, she said as she grabbed a chunk of her own hair.

“You pulled her hair too?”


“Pinsss,” she said and mimicked pinching an arm.

“Aaaannnd you pinched her.”


Jo Copies

When it comes time to brush hair or apply sunscreen. We usually do the older girls first. Most always, they cry. Jo will watch them intently and we are done, say, “ma turn, ma turn!”

We head to her with the hairbrush / sun screen. She will put out her face for the brushing or the rubbing and then do a spot-on imitation of her older sisters crying.

Jo on the Escalator

Jo and I were at the downtown Barnes and Nobel yesterday and she was fussing that she wanted to go on the escalator. Finally I said, “OK, let me hold you.”

“No!” came her response.

She was standing right next to it, tapping it with her toe.

“I need to hold you before we get on.”

“No! Me do it.”

“You can’t get on without me holding you.”

“Peeeese?” (In very nice voice)

“Ok, hold my hand”

We held hands at the foot of the up escalator and I said, “One, two, three”

She jerked her hand away just as I got on and kept her feet firmly planted on the ground as I started riding away from her.

Now, there is no way I could let a 22 month old hang out by herself as I went up one escalator, ran across the store and came down the other escalator.

So I about faced and started running down the up escalator. In flip-flops! People around were laughing.

I would have spanked her but we both knew that one was squarely on me. That is what I get for trusting a two-year-old.

I'm sorry but I just had to laugh
(hysterically)...(clutching my stomach)...(rolling on the floor)...
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