Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jo Turns Two On the Hottest Day Ever

If you haven’t heard, Seattle’s havin’ a heat wave. As a matter of fact, all the news yesterday was that the temperatures hit record-breaking highs. How they can say it was the hottest day ever, I don’t know. But I agree.

It was also Jo’s second birthday. Since I have been pregnant every other summer for the past six years, I woke up with a prayer of gratitude that I will never be pregnant in the middle of the summer again.

Unfortunately, our plans of a fun birthday day for Jo disintegrated.

I started feeling a little sick in a one o’clock meeting at work. I ducked out early to try to take a nap before the evening. When I got home, Dave was lying on the couch, also not feeling well. Soon, the phone rang. It was the day care telling us to come get Lex.

When I got to school, Lex was lying on the floor of the office, and Bek was stroking her sweaty hair. “She has bark in her throat!” Bek announced. “I have a liddle bark in my froat” Lex said in her quiet voice. I’m not sure what led Lex to conclude her sore throat was due to bark, but she insists that was her condition.

As the afternoon wore on, both Dave and I started getting sicker and sicker. Finally we came to the realization there was no way we could host a birthday party.

If you’ve ever had to tell little girls that the ice cream cake / swimming / birthday party they were expecting has been cancelled on the hottest day ever, while you push back the urge to throw up and your little one lies on the couch lethargically, you know what feeling horrible is.

Everyone seems to be on the mend today so we’ll get that birthday party in and the temperatures seem about to go down, so it’s better here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009



Not quite sure what I think of this ad.... but worth 60 seconds of your time.

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