Thursday, September 24, 2009


Quick Update

This blog has become much like my closets – very neglected. My book launches next Tuesday so I (and Dave, for that matter) have been more busy than usual.

Here are a few places I’ve been booked to appear:

October 6 – Martha Stewart Radio Show 7 am PST (interview)

F5 Networking Group (presentation)

October 9 – Book launch party

October 12 – KING 5 News 8 am PST (interview)

October 15 – Swing Bar, Olympia WA 8 pm (book signing)

October 16 – South Sound Rotary 7:30 am (presentation)

October 21 – Borders, Madison, WI 7 pm CST (book signing)

October 28 – Kirkland party (book signing)

November 5 – Momasphere Event, Brooklyn, NY (presentation)

Ahhhh, but you didn’t come to this blog for that sort of info!

Let me give you more important updates.

Jo (age 2): Yesterday in the car, she says to Dave from the back seat (in an “this pains me to tell you” tone) “Daddy, my no tooo. My free”. To which Dave replies, “You aren’t two? You are three?”

“Yes” she says nonchalantly. “My free now”.

Oh, they grow up so fast.

Lex (age 4): Last night as we were eating our pre-bed snack, she says to me, “Mommy, you can die of a broken heart, can’t you?”

My heart sank! So young to be asking such heart wrenching questions. But wait…

She continued, “That rocket star died when his heart broke.”

I scanned my Lex database. Quickly sleuthing, “Rocket star means rock star. Rocks star? Rock star?”

“Are you talking about Michael Jackson?” I asked her in surprise.

She nodded. “Yes. He died when his heart broke.”

Bek (age 6): Well, she is at that age where she doesn’t like me to share her cute stories. She says, “It’s embarrassing.”

Sigh. They do grow up quickly. Don’t they?

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