Sunday, September 13, 2009


Someone Could Get the Wrong Idea

We’ve got a few things going on in our house, that, from an uninformed outsider’s point of view, probably look a little odd.

During Bek’s first few days of kindergarten, she and Dave designed an elaborate good-bye ritual. One of the things that stuck was a signature good-bye wave. It’s a wave, chant combo. It goes like this:

“Family” (fingers on hand spread wide)

“Together” (fingers clasp together into a fist)

“Forever” (pump the fist)

SherrySteckly picked me up to carpool last week and the girls stood at the window and did the family wave.

“Oh my!” Exclaimed SherrySteckly. “What is that?”

“It’s our family wave,” I explained.

“It looks like the Black Power fist”.

No, we definitely aren’t teaching our children anti-establishment gestures. It just looks that way.

Also, Jo loves to play “ni-ni” (short for “night-night”). In this game, she is the teacher and her dollies are the students. She re-enacts naptime at her day care.

At 11:30 every day, two teachers manage to get 12 toddlers to fall asleep in straight little lines on mats on the floor. It is amazing. I don’t blame Jo for wanting to imitate it.

Jo spends a good part of each day sitting between two dolls, who are laying face down on the floor. She rubs their backs and whispers, “Ni-ni. Ni-ni” and hushes them. Once they have fallen asleep, she puts a blanket over their entire bodies (including heads) and moves on to the next two babies.

So when you walk into our living room, or onto our deck or through the hallway upstairs, you are likely to find mounds of dolls, laying shoulder-to-shoulder face down, fully covered by a blanket.

It looks, well, a bit disturbing. It’s not. It’s cute when she is doing it. It just looks menacing when you see the results of her game. They aren’t doll graves. Really.

And lastly… this photo?

Jo is screaming in delight.

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