Saturday, October 03, 2009


What Daddies Do

Yesterday as the girls were eating breakfast, I overheard Lex say, “I wish Daddy drove a garbage truck.”

I couldn’t resist. “Why, Lex?”

“So when I was playing in the grass at school, he will drive by on the back of his truck and I could wave to him and all the kids could see him.”

Sounds good to me.

It reminded me of a time when I was working at Consumer Credit Counseling Services and we were teaching a class at the local Boys and Girls Club. It was a four-week series about money called, “Earn It, Spend It, Save it, Share It.”

During the “Earn It” week, we were talking about jobs and the kids were sharing what their parents did for a living. One little boy said, “My Daddy works for Dominos and he delivers pizzas.”

The room went silent and all of the kids looked at him in amazement. Some of them even whispered, “Wow.”

And then one little boy said, “You are so lucky. My dad just works at Boeing.”

I love those conversations when kids are too young to consider salaries or prestige as the defining characteristic of a successful vocation and just revel in the coolness that comes with some jobs.

On another note, Bek said a few months ago that she wants to be a mom when she grows up because, “They are the boss of everything.” Oh dear.

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