Tuesday, November 03, 2009


And THIS is Why I Hate Traveling

A year ago, I wrote about my bad travel luck. Let me tell you, it hasn’t gotten any better in 2009.

In January, our daughters were flower girls in a lovely wedding in Minneapolis. After traveling several hours, we touched down in Seattle and Dave ran to get our car from the park and ride.

Of course, the car wouldn’t start. He called a tow truck. Tow truck took an hour to get there, only to find it couldn’t fit under the awning of the park and ride. Another tow truck was called. An hour later, that tow truck arrived, only to break down on I-5 on its way to the shop. That tow truck left our car on the side of the free way, unlocked, with the keys in it. When I complained about this, the tow company said, “Well, it wasn’t like anyone could get it started.” Good point, except for the fact that it was full of our luggage.

Meanwhile, I am trying to entertain a tired and cranky 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old in the baggage claim area of a crowded airport for THREE hours! (After traveling for five hours).

That was a very bad travel experience.

Last week I went to Madison. On the flight home, the flight from Madison to Minneapolis touched down right on time, only be told there was a snafu with the runway and they couldn’t get to the gate.

I missed my connecting flight by minutes. After running 47 gates, I panted up to my desk and could see the airplane. They told me they couldn’t let me on because it would make everyone else late. So I watched it fly away and hunkered down for an extra seven hours in the Minneapolis airport.

Since I was now getting in at midnight (on Dave’s birthday to boot), Dave asked his sister to pick me up. When she went out to her car at 11 pm, it had been broken into – only feet from her house!

So she had to deal with the police and Dave had to pack the three girls into the car and come and get me at mid-night.

On the way home, I asked Dave, “NOW do you believe me that I have the worst travel luck of anyone, ever?” He chuckled and gave me his, “You are being over dramatic, Storm” look.

Yesterday I left for my Cleveland/Brooklyn trip. On Friday, we had an email meltdown at work and I lost one years worth of emails. Included in those were all of the emails I put aside to print on Friday to have with me when I left on Monday. Sooo…. I left for my trip missing the following pieces of information:

- Cell phone number of person picking me up from airport in Cleveland
- Address of the place I am speaking at noon on Tuesday.
- Contact name of the person who is hosting me at Borders on Tuesday night
- Name and address of hotel I am staying at in Brooklyn
- Contact name and email of journalist who wants to have coffee with me in New York

See! I’m sure our email server would have been just fine, had it not been for me traveling out of state. I’m serious.

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