Saturday, January 16, 2010


The Garbage Men

In December there was a sign in Lex’s class that read

“We will be having a pizza and movie party on Friday.
The pizza and movie have been paid for by the garbage carriers”

I read that sign and thought, “What the heck?” And then promptly forgot about it.

Yesterday, as I was dropping the girls off, the garbage truck pulled in front of me. I was just getting Jo out of the car and she immediately clung to me and started to cry because of the loud noise.

When the truck backs up, it is sooo loud. I was getting annoyed because it seemed to have been backing up for an excessively long time. One of the men had jumped off the truck and was waving to Jo, who was having none of it.

The moment they cut the reverse and shut off the engine, the morning erupted with cheers!

I looked over and all of the windows of the daycare were open and it was lined with at least 20 three and four year olds, all were cheering at the garbage men. The men were waving and the kids were going wild.

THAT explains the pizzas.

And OH MY GOD….. as I write this, it suddenly dawned on me that it explains this post as well.


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