Saturday, April 03, 2010


Eating Hamsters

On Wednesday, we visited friends who have a cat. As I was telling Jo (who is two) her bedtime story, she says, “My like kitty cats”. I said, “Yeah! So do I and I like dogs.”

“My like dogs too.”

“And I like bunny rabbits.”

She repeats the sequence, “My like kitty cats, doggies, and bunny rabbits.”

I say, “I like hamsters.”

“My like to eat hamsters.”


“My like to eat hamsters and carrots.”

It took me a moment to process where the hell that one came from.

“Do you mean you like to eat ham?”

“My like to eat ham, from hamsters.”

“Ah sweetie! Ham comes from pigs, not hamsters.” I kissed the top of her small blond head, “And probably you should tell people we eat hamsters.”

“Oh Tay!”

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