Monday, May 30, 2011


Burning Calories

For Christmas, my mom gave me this heart monitor. You strap it to your sternum and put the watch thingy on and you can see how fast your heart is beating. It calculates how many calories you are burning.

Guess how many calories I burn getting my kids ready for school in the morning.

Wait for it….


On the third day of wearing my little contraption, I happened to look at my wrist as I was trying to get the girls into the car. Of course I was running late.

Jo (who is three) had both arms wide open with a hand on either side of the car and was stiff as a board. She was screaming, “I don’t want to go to school-day!”

Meanwhile, Lexie (who is five) was in her car seat, kicking the back of the front seat screaming, “Don’t put her in here!” and the seven year old had her hands over both ears and was screaming, “BE QUIET!! I have a headache”.

I glanced my wrist and sure enough, my heart beat was 120. No wonder it says I burn so many calories in the morning.

Speaking of burning calories, I’ve taken up running. Well, I fast-walk with a little jogging thrown in, every Sunday. I’m looking for an ap or tool that will do the following.

1. Let me set it for interval notification. For instance, after five minutes it will say, “run” and then after one minute it will say, “walk now” etc.

2. Track my mileage. What would really be cool is a GPS / map mash-up.

Do you know of anything like that?

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